YUKI, Kusunda & Olympia Take Home Raindance Immersive Awards – VRFocus

YUKI, Kusunda & Olympia Take Home Raindance Immersive Awards – VRFocus

It’s currently the premium season for many industries, and the XR is no different. Last week, the VR Awards hosted its event, and today Raindance Immersive unveiled its list of award winners, highlighting some of the best virtual reality (VR) content you should keep an eye on.

The Raindance Film Festival is held every year in London, UK, and Raindance Immersive is now in its sixth year. Like many events that tried to adapt to a more distant way of working, the festival presented most of its works VRChat and AltspaceVR, enabling a global audience to enjoy virtual worlds, art exhibitions, private tours and previews.

Unlike many award-winning events, Raindance Immerse keeps things fairly simple with six jury awards and the Spirit of Raindance Award selected by the festival team. Probably the most famous of all the award winners is ARVORE’s YUKI, a roguelit shooter that won the Best Immersive Game category.

Next was the best narrative experience that was won by Severity theory: Welcome to respite, consisting of a live theater performance with two actors inside VRChat. Kusunda, a voice-driven interactive VR experience about the Kusunda language in western Nepal was awarded the best documentary experience, while Olympia, a VRChat world took home the award for Best Immersive World. In the best multiplayer category, The MetaMovie Presents: Alien Rescue secured the top spot with a cinematic VR adventure backed by live actors.


Discovery Award: Best debut was a little more unusual, as there were two winners, The Pirate Queen: Night of Succession and VRium: Nymphs & ArtSpaceVR presents: The Popovy Sisters. The former is a puzzle-based VR adventure by Eloise Singer, with the latter an exhibition of Fine-Art-Dolls created by Popovy Sisters inside AltspaceVR. Going one step further, the Spirit of Raindance Award actually had three winners in total; Magic Heist, Mycelia and Noir – Nocturne.

We were the first festival to recognize virtual world builders as artists and create an award for Best Immersive World, ”said Raindance Immersive Curator Mária Rakušanová in a statement. “Last year, we focused on VRChat as a platform. This year we have also curated virtual worlds, art shows and live theater and dance performances on other social VR ‘Metaverse’ platforms such as Neos VR, AltspaceVR and Engage. It is therefore fitting that our two Raindance Immersive Awards ceremonies took place virtually on the Raindance Embassy world in VRChat, and were simultaneously livestreamed to YouTube and into the virtual worlds of AltspaceVR and Neos VR connecting the communities on these social VR’s Metaverse ‘platforms – yet another first for Raindance Immersive.

Next up will be The Game Awards where they like Resident Evil 4 and Lone Echo II will compete in the Best AR / VR category. Keep reading for continued updates VRFocus.


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