Xiaomi Creator Program Launches Globally – Mi Blog

A group of talented filmmakers and photographers will show why everyone can be creative with as little as a smartphone.

September 30, 2021 – Xiaomi officially launched the Xiaomi Creator application globally, the announcement was first announced during the Xiaomi Product Launch in September 2021. Xiaomi Creators is a group of talented filmmakers and photographers who share their creative works with millions of people through the lens of their Xiaomi smartphones. The program is built on the message of ‘Creativity For Everyone’, the idea that everyone has the potential to unlock their inner creativity with as little as a smartphone in their pocket.

Xiaomi Creators will participate in Xiaomi Global’s two existing creative programs, Xiaomi Studios and Xiaomi Imagery, which have excellent film and photography work, respectively.

To share what ‘Creativity for everyone‘announcement means for them, Xiaomi Creators came together to make a short film that premiered at Xiaomi Product Launch in September 2021. Watch the full video here.

Xiaomi has also created a brand new website for the Xiaomi Creator application that acts as a hub for the entire project as well as individual Xiaomi Creators and their works. Check out the website to learn more.

Want to learn more about Xiaomi Creators and their work? Follow the mobile film course created by Xiaomi and the Sundance Collab, the community and learning platform for creators launched by the world-famous Sundance Institute. Click here to learn more.


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