Xiaomi Box 4K could be coming soon to the US

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Kris Carlon / Android Authority


  • Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has submitted a listing for a new TV stick on the FCC’s website.
  • The listing shows the design and specifications of the new Xiaomi Box 4K.
  • The new product will be able to stream in 4K, have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support and come packed with all necessary accessories.

The company best known for its smartphones, Xiaomi, looks set to take another stab at TV streaming. A new filing on the FCC’s website suggests that Xiaomi’s new streaming box could be coming soon.

Discovered by Chromecast Hub, a filing on the FCC’s certification website shows that a new product Xiaomi is apparently working on. The name Xiaomi Box 4K reveals the list design and specifications of Xiaomi’s unannounced streaming technology. The filing also seems to hint that the box could launch sooner rather than later.

The design in the archive appears to show a box-shaped device with curved edges, similar to the form factor of the Xiaomi Mi Box S. It also has the model number MDZ-28-AA. Other than that, there isn’t really anything else that can be gleaned from the image shown.

As for the specifications, it looks like the streaming box will offer 4K resolution and support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition, the Xiaomi Box 4K comes packed with all necessary accessories. This includes a voice remote control, an HDMI extension cable, a 5W power adapter and two AAA batteries.

We don’t know what Xiaomi’s new streaming product will cost, but if history repeats itself, don’t be surprised if the Xiaomi Box 4K is more expensive than the competition like the Mi Box S was at $59.99


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