XCreds provides an easy way to connect cloud identity to macOS

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The lines between signing in to your Mac, signing in to your cloud-based apps, and signing in to identity providers have certainly blurred in recent years. Many organizations have implemented solutions tied to your device management solution and they work well. There is another option on the market now and it is called XCreds. XCreds is a streamlined app that aims to keep your macOS login password in sync with Azure Active Directory, Google Cloud, Okta, or any OpenID Connect password.

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XCreds can be deployed through your device management system, so even with a brand new Mac, an employee can sign in with their cloud identity provider. With the first login, XCreds will automatically create the home library and the user can start working immediately. The video above shows how easy it is to log in. The video shows XCreds being installed manually, but as I mentioned, you’ll probably want to push it over the air to computers as they integrate into your device management solution.

Who should use XCreds 2.0?

XCreds 2.0 looks incredible and in my testing it works exactly as advertised. You can quickly switch between your cloud login window and the local login window if you need to log in while offline, do local account maintenance, etc. The login window is also fully customizable so it can be used in a variety of environments.

  • XCreds 2.0 can be used by large and small businesses or school districts. Because it can be deployed over your device management solution, it can quickly scale up for you. XCreds 2.0 is a free and open source project, so it can be used by companies on even the tightest budgets. However, if you are using it in a commercial environment, you should consider purchasing support. When you purchase support, you get four virtual meetings per year to discuss and optimize your XCreds implementations.
  • XCreds Support for Education and Small Organizations is $999/year
  • XCreds Support for Education and Large Organizations is $4999/year

For the plan aimed at small businesses and schools, you get two support requests per month and three weekday response times. For the Enterprise plan, customers get up to five support requests per month and a same-day response time for support tickets.


There are several solutions for connecting macOS to your identity provider in 2022, but XCreds may be the simplest on the market. If you’re looking for a simple way to streamline your macOS login experience by connecting it with your cloud identity provider, check out XCreds.

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