World Diabetes Day at the Health Center Hospital – Ministry of Public Health of Tucumán

An awareness activity was held in the hall of the effector within the framework of “World Diabetes Day”. Information stands, a moment of dancing and advice on diabetes education were some of the alternatives offered to the community.

In this regard, the head of the Endocrinology service at the Hospital Centro de Salud, doctor Maria Eugenia Valdes, highlighted that every year since 2007 this awareness date assigned for each November 14 by the United Nations has been celebrated: “It is important to raise awareness about the increase in cases and mortality caused by diabetes in the world. We are observing very alarming numbers from the Pan American Health Organization that reflect that globally there are more than 400 million people with Diabetes and in Latin America more than 62 million.”

In Argentina, Valdés continued, three out of ten patients over 18 years of age have Diabetes and four out of ten do not know that they have this disease: “Diabetes is becoming the second cause of disability; patients are between 30 and 70 years old. who, for some reason, lose the possibility of living a useful active life or even suffer premature death. For health systems this implies high costs and for the patient’s family it is unbalanced.”
For this reason, the Awareness Day was organized to explain to patients the importance of the four fundamental pillars in the treatment of Diabetes: Medication, diabetes education, physical activity and healthy eating.

“We made a post system where patients go through all the specialists, nutritionists, dentistry, nursing, cardiology and diabetic foot care to learn how to prevent ulcers. In addition, teacher Hugo Mendieta has come to give us an active break from Zumba and within the Endocrinology service, which has a residence, a system of question and answer games was organized so that patients can receive information through recreational tools. about Diabetes, knowing how to treat it and how to prevent complications by preventing risk factors,” he concluded.

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