Wonder Woman’s Most Powerful Form Came from Marvel’s Mjolnir

Already one of DC’s powerhouses, wonder Woman‘s ultimate form was achieved thanks to her discovery of Marvel’s Flour. Displaced due to Thor’s previous struggle with Shazam, the mythological hammer lay undisturbed until Wonder Woman discovered it and learned that she was worthy of her power. While heroes and villains struggled to survive their worlds in DC vs MarvelThis ultimate form of Wonder Woman not only showcased the best of both worlds, but anticipated events yet to come in the legendary crossover series.

In the series by Ron Marz, Peter David, Dan Jurgen and Claudio Castellini, both comic book worlds experience a massive dimensional rupture that causes heroes and villains to disappear and reappear in new universes. While some fought and others worked together, everyone was left trying to make sense of the madness, only to learn that it was all the precursor to a competition unlike any other. Two in addition to powerful units resembling brothers had discovered each other and sought to prove who was better at pitting hand-chosen masters against each other, the winner was allowed to live while the loser would be erased from existence. While Wonder Woman was briefly seen in DC vs Marvel # 1, her most important role in this unfolding conflict was being revealed.

IN DC vs Marvel # 2, Wonder Woman encountered Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, who had been temporarily lost after colliding with Shazam’s magic lightning. When Princess Diana of Themyscira recognized it as an old Norse hammer, he read the inscription engraved in the iconic weapon and shouted its unrealistic expectations of judging who was worthy and who was not. When she tried to take it up almost as if to prove her point, Wonder Woman was surprised to see Mjolnir emit powerful energy and near the end of the question she appeared not only with her power but also a new wardrobe.

Although this new form would be short-lived and wrapped up Marvel vs. DC # 3, this ultimate form of Wonder Woman was not only a significant upgrade to one of DC’s most recognized heroes, but also a unique amalgamation of both universes. Her new outfit was argued to be one of her worst, but Wonder Woman still had her superhuman abilities, and Mjolnir added the ability to control the weather along with other powerful abilities that technically made her the new goddess of thunder. decade or two before Jane Foster took over the role. This change may also have been a deliberate advance influence as the series caused both universes to merge, creating the Amalgam universe that saw new characters created as mash-ups of Marvel and DC characters.

It was actually thanks to X-Men’s Storm that this new form did not last long. Storm faces the powerful Amazon warrior and says not only that she is ready to fight, but that she would fight Diana herself with her new advantage. Although Mjolnir may have reduced Storm’s threat to another rainy day, wonder Woman felt that such an advantage was not reasonable, and loosened the grip so that she could fight Storm and eventually lost the hammer. Although her defeat against Storm was hotly debated despite it being decided by fans, one can only wonder what could have happened if she had used Flour After all.

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