Win an iPhone 13 case bundle from Smartish [Cult of Mac giveaway]

If you just got an iPhone 13, this week’s giveaway is for you. The popular case-maker Smartish gives a lucky winner a bundle that keeps their new iPhone protected, organized and charged.

Smartish makes cheap iPhone cases that people like, and the company received more than 30,000 five-star reviews to prove it. This package includes three popular iPhone 13 cases and two must-have accessories.

Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 card box

Wallet Slayer contains three cards and cash safe.
Photo: Smartish

First in the giveaway for the Smartish package is the $ 19.99 Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 card box (in the color Black Tie Affair). Despite the Wallet Slayer’s minimalist look, it can hold up to three cards plus cash.

The ultralight iPhone 13 case is made of flexible TPU plastic. It provides extreme protection with air pocket corners that act as airbags for your iPhone, plus camera protection and easy access to all of your device’s ports.

The high-grip textured sides of this case, which are a feature of all Smartish cases, mean it will more easily stay in your hands and help prevent devastating falls.

Gripmunk with MagSafe slim case

Gripmunk with MagSafe Slim Case giveaway: This case's extremely grippy texture means fewer toilet faults.
The extremely grippy texture of this case means fewer toilet defects.
Photo: Smartish

The other item in this bundle is the $ 19.99 Gripmunk with the MagSafe slim case (in the purple You’re Just Jelly color). Gripmunk ranked as Wirecutter ‘s favorite basic iPhone case for every model since 2016.

Thin but protective, Gripmunk stands out because of its super-grippy texture, which means fewer drops for your iPhone. A sloping front raises the screen to keep it away from rough surfaces.

Plus, Gripmunk is MagSafe compliant, so wireless charging is a breeze. This is a solid choice for a cheap but protective case.

Gripzilla with MagSafe armor box

Gripzilla with MagSafe Armor giveaway for iPhone 13 case: Grooved textured sides make this case extremely grippy.
Grooved, textured sides make this case ultra-grippy.
Photo: Smartish

Third up in the Smartish bundle giveaway is the $ 24.99 Gripzilla with MagSafe armor box (in the gray area). This case is one of the more expensive and it is called the “king” of iPhone cases because it is the most gripping case that exists.

Gravity does not stand a chance against Gripzilla’s grooved sides and textured surfaces. The scratch-free, MagSafe-compatible bag is extremely protective with a hard exterior and soft interior. And its raised edges protect the iPhone’s camera and screen.

If you suffer from the drops, give your poor iPhone a break with this easy-to-hold case.

Cable Wrangler magnetic wire holder

Smartish Cable Wrangler: This magnetic cord organizer Hold your cables neatly in place with strong magnets.
Hold your cables neatly in place with strong magnets.
Photo: Smartish

Next in the bundle is the $ 19.99 Cable Wrangler magnetic wire organizer (in the color Teal Me More). This little pillow neatly holds all your cables in place with strong magnets.

It works great on a desk, nightstand or anywhere you want to charge your iPhone without having to deal with tangled wires. It even contains three magnetic collars to spice up your boring cable.

Crown Joule fast charging cable

Crown Joule - Quick Charge Cable Giveaway: This durable cable will effectively charge any device.
This durable cable will effectively charge any device.
Photo: Smartish

The latest package is the $ 19.99 Crown Joule fast charging cable (in the pink I’m Blushing color). This reinforced, fabric-wrapped cable is strong and will not work.

This 3-foot, three-in-one cable pack Lightning, USB-C and micro-USB tip. It’s MFi certified, so it works properly with your Apple devices. And with its interchangeable tips, it may be the only cable you will ever need.

About Smartish

Smartish started making accessories for casual gamers back in 2009. In 2011, the company made its first wallet hat with a fabric pocket to hold cards. Since then, Smartish has been making iPhone cases and things smart enough to address unexpected needs. Basically, Smartish creates accessories that make everyday life a little easier.

Based in Austin, Texas, the Smartish team is a kind, down-to-earth and highly decaffeinated group of people who take products seriously (but not themselves).

Case for paws

Smartish partnered with the Austin Humane Society to support its mission to save lifeless dogs and cats because every animal deserves a loving home. For every pet theme purchased from Smartish’s Case For Paws collection, Smartish will donate 50% of the retail price, which will help homeless pets find their eternal home.

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A lucky winner takes home the package with three boxes and two accessories. (If you win and you do not need three cases, make one day and give one away.)
Win a bundle of iPhone 13 cases and accessories from Smartish

The competition is open to US residents only. IPhone 13 is not included. The competition ends at 23:59 PDT October 19, 2021. See Terms and Conditions for more information on the giveaway.

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