Who is Mariano Cúneo Libarona, Javier Milei’s Minister of Justice | A media lawyer in the cabinet

He President elect Javier Miley announced to Mariano Cúneo Libarona as the Minister of Justice of his government, which will begin this December 10. Lawyer media62 years old, belongs to a traditional family of lawyers and became famous in the 90s with the renowned “Coppola case“, defended Amira and Emir Yoma – brothers-in-law of Carlos Menem – in cases of drug trafficking and arms trafficking and He was imprisoned for a month in 1997 by “cause AMIA”. Closer in time, he was educated in the causes of the party Time Warp and the Rye Notebooks.

Milei confirmed his appointment in conversation with Radio Miterwhere he also announced the former candidate for governor of Buenos Aires Carolina Píparo at the head of the National Social Security Administration (CONSIDERED) and hinted at the participation of Florencio Randazzo in his government.

Cúneo Libarona recently said that Milei commissioned him to write a project to give financial autonomy to the Supreme Courtin an interview with Clarion. The lawyer is the son of the former prosecutor of the Buenos Aires Court of Appeals who bore his same name. His bachelor’s degree is from the University of the Argentine Social Museum, where today he is a professor and dean. He also attended the University of Salvador, the Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, ​​the University of California and Gottingen, in Germany.

Cóppola Case: the birth of Cúneo Libarona as a media lawyer

In 1996, at 35 years old, Cúneo Libarona assumed the legal representation of Guillermo Coppolaformer representative of Diego Armando Maradonain a case in which the former manager was accused of drug trafficking after 406 grams of cocaine were found in a vase in a raid on his house.

Due to the public relevance of the case, Cúneo Libarona became instantly known and appeared on multiple television programs to talk about the judicial situation of his client. After three months in prison, Cóppola was freed and the police, the judge and the judge’s secretary in charge of the investigation, imprisoned.

The career of the lawyer born in the city of Buenos Aires in 1961 continued with other cases of great Media impact. He was imprisoned for a month by order of the judge Norberto Oyarbide within the framework of the “cause AMIA” and was one of the lawyers who participated in the cases for the deaths in the electronics party Time Warp and that of the bribe notebooks. In addition, she was part of Alejandro Fantino’s table on the Animales Sueltos program.

The defense of Amira and Emir Yoma, brothers-in-law of Carlos Menem

In the 90s the lawyer also defended Emir Yoma and Amira Yoma, Zulema’s brothers and therefore brothers-in-law of then-president Carlos Menem. Emir was a businessman who served as an advisor to the president and who was the protagonist of “Swiftgate”, a corruption scandal due to the denunciation of the payment of a bribe for the installation of a Swift refrigerator plant.

However, Cúneo Libarona did not defend him in that case, but in the investigation by the illegal diversion of Argentine weapons to Ecuador and Croatiain which the lawyer was detained preventively following a complaint of Christmas Lourdeswho in addition to being his ex-wifewas Yoma’s secretary.

Di Natale, who died in 2003 in a confusing episode in which he fell from his apartment on the tenth floor, said in journalistic statements that Yoma had paid $400,000 through arms dealer Diego Palleros to the Daforel company. Furthermore, the woman used to complain about her because her ex-husband did not take care of her daughter Agustina. “He doesn’t even remember when her birthday is,” she repeated.

In the case of Amira Yoma, Cúneo Libarona was her legal representative in her accusation in the “Yomagate” or “Narcogate”, a drug trafficking trial that was unleashed from a notebook found in the arrest of accountant Ramón Humberto Puentes in Uruguay, where among other names the president’s sister-in-law appeared as responsible for transporting a “shipment” from New York .

AMIA case: the month that the future Minister of Justice was imprisoned

Also at the end of the 90s, Cúneo Libarona He was imprisoned for a month by order of the judge Norberto Oyarbide. The lawyer had been accused of aggravated coercion and concealment in the case that investigated the theft of a video from the judge’s office Juan José Galeanowithin the framework of the case in which the terrorist attack was investigated and attack on the AMIA.

Cúneo Libarona represented two police officers accused of the theft, who were finally acquitted and everything was declared void.

Giselle Rímolo, Time Warp and Cuadernos de Centeno: other resonant cases

The Cúneo Libarona studio was also temporarily in charge of the defense of Giselle Rímolopartner of the famous host Silvio Soldán, who presented herself as a nutritionist, homeopath, psychologist and specialist in alternative therapies and in 2012 was sentenced to 9 years in prison for manslaughter, illegal practice of medicine, fraud on more than 70 occasions and trafficking of dangerous drugs.

The future Minister of Justice also participated in the trial for the Time Warp tragedy, the electronics party where five boys between 20 and 30 years old died and dozens had to be hospitalized — six of them in intensive care — due to the consumption of adulterated synthetic drugs. Cúneo Libarona, together with Fernando Burlando and Matías Morla, was the in charge of defending those responsible for the event: Adrián Conci, Facundo González and Víctor Stinfale.

Besides, He was a defender of businessman Sergio Taselli, noted in Oscar Centeno’s “bribery notebooks.”, driver of the official Roberto Baratta. Taselli was arrested by Judge Claudio Bonadío when he appeared to testify, but was later released from prison.

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