Who is Mariano Cúneo Libarona and what are his plans for Justice


The first meeting occurred at the end of August, hours before the series between Racing and Boca for the Copa Libertadores was defined. Mariano Cúneo Libarona is a fan of the Academy and Javier Milei is a fan of Xeneixe, so the references to the game were unavoidable. At that first meeting there was almost absolute agreement on future plans. “I am here to carry out a great reform and serious independent justice, without wars.”, said the lawyer privately when the first rumors were leaked. But there was never official confirmation and three months passed. After the wave of votes in favor of the libertarian, Milei confirmed this morning that Cúneo Libarona will be his Minister of Justice.

Cúneo Libarona is 62 years old and owns one of the main law firms along with his brothers Rafael, Matías and Cristina.

The lawyer met Milei working at the Eurnekian Group, where several leaders of La Liberta Avanza come from. After his great exposure, during the 90’s, when he was a lawyer for Guillermo Cóppola, for Amira Yoma, the sister-in-law of former president Carlos Menem, accused of laundering money from drug trafficking in the case known as Yomagate, and he participated in the case judicial for the attack on the AMIA, Cúneo Libarona faced another stage in his career, he left the media and dedicated himself to a more academic profile.

Currently, he is the dean of the Faculty of Law of the Social Museum University, where he graduated. There he teaches criminal law classes and even accompanies his students on educational outings.

In the case of the bribery notebooks, Cúneo Libarona was a lawyer for Hugo Eurnekian (nephew of Eduardo Eurnekian) and the businessman Sergio Taselli. In recent years he also defended the former governor of Tucumán Joseph Alperovichsent to oral trial for the alleged sexual abuse of his niece.

(Adrián Escandar)
(Adrián Escandar)

In the talks with Milei, Cúneo Libarona emphasized judicial independence and proposed ending political operations, especially in the Comodoro Py courts. In a recent interview with the newspaper Clarín, the lawyer said that “There will be no more judicial operators, “judicial tables” and suitcases in Courts”. He also questioned the impeachment of the Supreme Court judges: “The political trial that Kirchnerism carries out against the Court is a shame and, furthermore, it is unacceptable.”.

Last night, during the celebrations in the LLA bunker, songs were heard against Cristina Kirchner and requests for her to go to prison. Privately, Cúneo Libarona has said several times that the corruption cases against the vice president will continue their course, but he promised that there will be no persecution or operations on the judges involved.

During the last few months, Cúneo Libarona dedicated itself to putting together a team of collaborators that make up Diego Guerendiain – former judicial official and law professor, Juan Ignacio Petra Cremaschi –specialist in Commercial Law -, three notable criminal lawyers and two former judges, among others. Together they developed the reforms that they will begin to announce in the coming days.

In the Comodoro Py courts there is no shortage of connections. Cúneo Libarona was a lawyer for Ariel Lijo, Julián Ercolini and spoke with Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti. He also has a very good relationship with María Servini, who appointed him on some occasions as her lawyer.

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