Who is Ana Redondo, new Minister of Equality and enemy of Irene Montero

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His was the last
name that Pedro Sánchez He drew from his particular hype of ‘ministerables’, proof of the new-old President of the Government’s mastery of stage tension. There was a lot of expectation to know the
name of the Minister of Equalitya portfolio set on fire by the previous minister,
Irene Montero, and his ‘bodyguard’ in Podemos. Sanchez, very smart, left his most difficult bet for last. Almost no one heard his name:
Ana Redondo.

Ana Redondo, from Valladolid, as the
controversial Óscar Puenteis (57 years old) the socialist who
succeeds Carmen Calvo at the head of the Ministry of Equality, but nothing to do with the also controversial former minister. Calvo lorded it over
head of institutional feminism and defends equality as the exclusive heritage of socialism. Redondo seems much more cautious. In fact, Pedro Sánchez seems to have learned a lesson
overmotivated women at the head of Equality. Ana Redondo, her chosen one, cultivates a low profile. Very low.

New minister little battle-hardened, but daring in style

Evidently, Pedro Sánchez does not have the oven for feminist chickens and Ana Redondo
promises diligence and silence. Also other forms, less hyperventilated, than those of their predecessors. Redondo, councilor in the Valladolid city council since 2015, is
famous for her kind ways. She has no experience in national politics and she leaves office as second deputy mayor of the Valladolid City Council, with Culture and Tourism in charge of her.

Until now, Ana Redondo’s maximum responsibility in politics was to be
socialist spokesperson in the Cortes of Castilla y León, where it remained for two terms. In addition, she is a professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Valladolid and includes among her
local political successes relaunch the Seminci, the Valladolid film festival. On its red carpet we have seen that, with long shots,
Redondo is daring: She likes the most extreme party looks.

Ana Redondo with red carpet look. GETTY IMAGES

Little is known about his private life. by Ana María del Carmen Redondo García, born and resident in Valladolid, married and with two daughters. Her friends call her Anita and she is part of that small segment of the Valladolid population known as ‘posh progressives’: a defender of social rights and, at the same time, well-off. They say that she goes to the gym daily, that she eats healthy and that she is an early riser, organized and direct.

He maintains a low profile and has a difficult task in politics.

One of the virtues attributed to Ana Redondo is not having social networks, that is,
don’t use Twitter or TikTok to wage their political or personal wars. It is likely, however, that she has her account locked on Instagram: her active and healthy lifestyle is absolutely typical of an influencer follower.

In his free time,
Ana Redondo confesses to dancing: Although a healthy life is his daily life, he does not deprive himself of going out to bars, concerts or festivals, when they arise. He is more consistent, however, in his love of weekends at a rural house. The new Minister of Equality likes hiking and, in general, mountain sports.

As is often the case with almost all women in politics, Ana Redondo
It is endorsed by a man: Óscar Puente. The mayor of Valladolid from 2015 to 2023 and Pedro Sánchez’s ‘pit bull’ in the failed investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo has always taken it second best. Now, he will have her sitting next to him on the council of ministers, although with a portfolio infinitely more controversial and relevant than his own: that of Transport.

Ana Redondo, in blue and glitter on the Seminci red carpet. /

getty images

They say that Ana Redondo
twice previously rejected an offer to become a minister, supposedly in Pedro Sánchez’s governments. Perhaps the closeness of her boss and her supporter, Óscar Puente, has encouraged the woman from Valladolid to make the Madrid adventure in a term that is announced to be tough. Be that as it may, he has no easy task ahead of him. The duties that Irene Montero left behind are controversial.

Ana Redondo must complete the parity, anti-trafficking and anti-racism laws, promote the renewal of the ruling of the State Pact against Gender Violence and complete the development of the Only Yes is Yes Law, still pending. She must also achieve a State Pact for LGTBIQ + Rights, something that Pedro Sánchez committed to during his investiture speech.

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