Where I vote in Formosa in the 2023 runoff: check the electoral roll

The runoff will be on November 19 (Getty)
The runoff will be on November 19 (Getty)

On November 19, Formosa voters must return to the polls to participate in the second electoral round or runoff at the national level. In this instance, citizens eligible to vote must choose between Javier Milei and Sergio Massa to define who will be the next president of the Nation.

The second electoral round takes place after the results of the general elections of October will be located at Minister of Economy with 36.7% of the votes, and the libertarian leader with 29.9%. According to the National Constitution, for a candidate to be the winner in the category of president, he must obtain at least 45% of the affirmative votes validly cast, or 40% with a difference of at least 10 points from the second most voted candidate.

According to article 155 of the National Electoral Code, “only the two formulas with the most votes in the first round will participate in the second round, The one who obtains the greatest number of affirmative votes validly cast will be elected.”. This means that the winner will be the one who obtains the most votes, regardless of the difference between the two or the result in percentage terms.

In order to participate in the second electoral round, it is necessary to appear in the electoral roll and present at the time of voting, a valid voting document to prove identity to the polling station authorities. In Argentina there are 35,394,425 people authorized to vote this October 2023, and Formosa represents 1.36% of the total, with 482,602 qualified people.

To be able to know where to vote in Formosa in the November 19 ballot, you can consult the electoral roll online on the website enabled by the National Electoral Chamber. There, you must enter your DNI number, gender and the district where you vote. As a result, the voter will be able to obtain the necessary data for the moment of voting, such as the address of the voting establishment, the table number and order number.

I also know You can consult the electoral roll here:

In addition to appearing on the electoral roll, in order to vote it is necessary to validate the identity of the voter before the polling station authorities at the time of voting. The valid documents to vote in the 2023 runoff they are:

  • Civic Notebook
  • Book enlistment
  • green ID
  • DAYS of the sky
  • ID card
Valid documents to vote in the 2023 runoff.
Valid documents to vote in the 2023 runoff.

You must vote with the civic document that appears on the electoral roll, or with a later version of it. It should be noted that you will not be able to vote if you go to vote with a document older than the one on the registry. Besides, The ID on the cell phone is not valid to vote.

Yeah. Citizens who appear on the electoral roll who have not voted in the general elections of October 22 or in the PASO of August 13 They have the right and obligation to do it in the runoff.

However, those who did not attend the polls in the two previous instances must justify your absence before the Electoral Secretariat of the corresponding Federal Court within 60 days after the election, so as not to be registered in the National Registry of Violators of the Duty to Vote.

To justify the absence in the PASO, there was time until October 12, while To justify the absence in the general elections, there is time until December 21.

Those who do not do so must pay a financial fine and will be incorporated into the Registry of Violators of the duty to vote. Besides, They may not be appointed to perform public functions or jobs for three years from the election. Whoever does not pay the fine will not be able to carry out procedures or procedures before the national, provincial and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires state agencies for one year.

In Formosa, the candidate for president with the most votes was Sergio Massa, and Javier Milei placed second.

It is worth mentioning that the province was one of those that decided to split its provincial elections from the national ones, and the voters attended the polls to elect local officials on June 25thwhen the provincial elections. In that occasion, Gildo Insfrán, candidate of the Frente de Todos, obtained 69.92% of the votes, while Fernando Carbajal, from the Frente Amplio Formoseño obtained 24.4%. More than 300 thousand citizens voted, of which 224,344 re-elected Insfrán.

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