What were the ideas of Juan Bautista Alberdi that Javier Milei praises?

November 20, 2023 – 08:42

The libertarian leader and new president mentioned in his speech the intellectual author of the National Constitution and relied on several of his thoughts.

Javier Milie and Juan Bautista Alberdi.

After knowing the results and proclaiming himself as new president of Argentina after defeating Sergio Massa in the runoff, Javier Miley He gave a speech and dedicated a few words to Juan Bautista Alberdi, he autor intelectual from Argentine Constitution.

Relying on the ideals of the former lawyer, jurist, economist, politician, diplomat, writer and musician, mercy He began the story forcefully and pointed out that “today we once again embrace the ideas of Alberdi. From our founding fathers who made us go from being a country of barbarians to being a power in 35 years.”

Likewise, there were already several antecedents in which the brand new president included in his speeches Albert, emphasizing that “the The way out is freedom, the Alberdi model” and “With Alberdi and a profound reform of the State, in about 35 years Argentina could reach the dynamism of the United States.”

“He who does not believe in freedom as a source of wealth, neither deserves to be free, nor knows how to be rich. The Constitution that the Argentine people have given themselves is a breeding ground for gold and silver,” were some of the phrases that can be read of Albert, and on which it was supposedly based mercy according to the book “Economic and income system of the Argentine Confederation.

Thoughts on the Central Bank

Or for example, words related to Central Bank: “The reform of a state bank is impossible. There is only one way to reform it: it is to eliminate it.”

Following the same line as the Infobae report, Alberdi He narrated that “the freedom It is the means, not the end, of the politics of our Constitution. When we say that it has made freedom a means, we mean that it has imposed on the State the obligation not to intervene by Laws or Decrees restricting the exercise of production, since in economics the freedom of the individual and the non-intervention of the stateare two phrases that express the same fact.”

While Javier Miley was in tune with the idea of Alberdi: “Our people do not lack bread, but rather educationWell, here we have mental pauperism. Our Argentine people are dying of hunger for education, of thirst for knowledge, of poverty of practical knowledge in the art of enrichment.”

Meanwhile, another phrase framed in the monetary issue marks that “as long as the government has the power to make money with simple strips of paper that commit nothing, nor oblige any reimbursement, the omnipotent power will remain unalterable like a gnawing worm in the heart of the Argentine Constitution.

To understand a little where he was going with his thoughts Albert, It is enough to find these five resonant phrases.

  • The omnipotence of the State is the denial of individual freedom.
  • The customs tax is a tax on civilization.
  • Democracy is freedom constituted in government, since true government is neither more nor less than organized freedom.
  • People who expect their happiness from the hand of governments expect something that is contrary to nature.
  • The wealth of nations is the work of nations, not of their governments.

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