What the Fluminense coach said about the final with Boca

Reverse the result, involved in the departure of a key player in the defense such as Felipe Melowas one of the challenges that had to be solved Fernando Diniz on Wednesday night. However, it was so. The Flu beat Goiás 5-3, returned to the path of victory and settled into the Brasileirao table. However, the main objective for his coach remains the final of the Libertadores Cup ante Boca. And for that, there is no margin for error…

“Being in the Cup final reduces our mistakes a lot so I hope the team is in the final, quite tight and focused to play a great game”said the coach, more relaxed, after his team’s comeback. “Correction always comes but people know that there are things we have to fix.”

The eye of the storm was on the DT luego of the poor performances that his team had shown in the last matches and how close the final is against Xeneize. However, Diniz gave indications about how the preparation for November 4 is going: “We already have a planned plan for the final but it is not something that is closed”he confessed at a press conference.

Goiás 26-10-2023

Fluminense 5 – Goiás 3

And this is because the main objective that the Brazilian coach manages is to see how his injuries evolve, some key ones: in addition to Felipe Melo’s injuryothers that are in doubt are John Kennedy and Nino. The young attacker was not even summoned since he suffers from pubalgia while his defender and captain, He continues to recover from his sprained left knee.

Fluminense 26-10-2023

Felipe Melo’s injury vs. goais

However, the coach does not lose hope and sees a light at the end of the tunnel so that they will be present at the Maracaná in a week: “I think everyone will be ready for the final. We will give everything to be able to do our best and play a good game.”

Finally, he made clear his feelings for the upcoming grand final: “Obviously for me it also has a factor, it is also a game that for my career becomes the most important of all. “There are few coaches who had the honor of competing in a game like this.”

Everyone wants to be in the grand final of the Cup…

Flu turned the match against Goais and won 5-3 (Fluminense Press)Flu turned the match against Goais and won 5-3 (Fluminense Press)

Fluminense 26-10-2023

Fluminense’s rude mistake at the start

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