What is the truth about the divorce of Hana Zahid and Ahmed Fahmy?

Over the past few hours, news has spread about the separation of the artist Hana El Zahed from her husband, the artist Ahmed Fahmy, against the backdrop of family problems that occurred between Hana and the wife of Karim Fahmy, Ahmed’s brother.

A famous media personality had sparked controversy over the divorce of the two stars, when she announced that they were about to divorce, which prompted Hana Al Zahid’s mother to come out in press statements to deny that news and confirm that it was not true.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that this news has spread, as news of their separation was raised several months ago, and that the matter was done in complete secrecy, so that the two stars agreed not to broadcast the news so that their movie “Mr. Karim Fahmy is her husband’s brother, which the two vehemently denied at the special screening of the film.

On the other hand, Hana Al-Zahed continues filming the movie “An Interlude of Delicious Moments”, in which she participates alongside the artist Hisham Majed. It is written by Sherif Naguib, directed by Ahmed El-Gendy, and includes: Mohamed Tharwat, Bayoumi Fouad, and the child Jean Ramez.

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