What happened was an insult to Egyptian art… Weigh supports Ziad Zaza after he was assaulted in Maadi

Mohammed Abbas

Published on: Thursday, February 8, 2024 – 12:13 AM | Last updated: Thursday, February 8, 2024 – 12:13 AM

Rapper Wiggs supported rapper Ziad Zaza, after the quarrel and assault incident that occurred between him and musician Jimmy Hood, from rapper Hussein Tamer and his team known as “Maadi Town Mafia” in the Maadi area.

Wiggs wrote through “Story” on his Instagram account: “What happened was an insult to Egyptian art by a small group that no longer represents Egyptian art. I spoke twice about the same topic with the same young man, and I tried to warn them that there are competent authorities that will apply the law to them and to others if Any attack on any artist or person has occurred. We appeal to all the artists in this gang to absolve themselves of responsibility for the behavior of this young man and the thugs who are with him, and I ask all organizers and advertisers to stop dealing with the thugs. I am sure that the law will fulfill the rights of the people who were harmed by this injustice and barbarism, and our legal team is following up. The case is up close.”

Musician Jimmy Hood published details of that incident on his personal page, where he said that the story began when a group of 12 individuals on motorcycles, headed by Hussein Tamer, a member of the “Maadi Town Mafia” team, attacked him and the rapper Ziad Zaza, in the Maadi area, specifically in Tigris Square is Jimmy Hood’s workplace, where “Zaza” was there to record an artistic dialogue and discuss his new artistic releases. On his way to the studio, he passed by rapper Hussein Tamer, and he was accompanied by a group of young men from his assistants. “Zaza” said hello to everyone so that “Hussein” could take the initiative that he wanted Talking to “Zaza”, then the group of assistants to the rapper “Hussein” begin insulting “Zaza”.

Then the discussion became heated between Zaza and Hussein, and the latter tried to attack the former, who pushed him away from him, so Hussein’s assistants went to help him attack Zaza, because the latter always attacks the Maadi area in his artistic works, after which Zaza left. But Hussein chased him with two of his assistants on motorcycles, holding an electric shock, but it failed to hit him.

Jimmy Hood explained that he was injured in the head, saying: “I was surprised by a severe blow to my head and the shattering of a pot planted on it from behind, followed by a second one…which led to a severe wound to the scalp, a concussion, and a crack in the skull, according to the medical report.”

He added that this incident was not the first by that armed team, as they had previously chased a young rapper after his concert until they injured his brother, noting that these incidents are repeated frequently inside Maadi with passers-by while they were walking.

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