What Emerging Climate Tech Sectors Are Ready for Growth?

After 30 years of R&D and commercial proof, hundreds of billions of institutional dollars are pouring into now conventional technologies such as wind, solar and batteries.

But there is a whole class of technologies that are ready to scale. And investors who are increasingly ready to back them up.

As we heard in our previous show, there was a record $ 17 billion in venture capital going to climate technology by 2020.

When all this money falls into space, then where can it have the greatest effect? What are the areas where we have commercial viability but still need significant breakthroughs?

Our guest co – host this week is Nneka Uzoh Kibuule, a senior vice president of Aligned Climate Capital. She joins Stephen and Katherine to talk about the sectors where she sees the most promise.

She also wants to talk about launch by GreenTech Noir, an organization that helps black professionals expand their career connections across clean energy, smart cities, transportation, infrastructure, environmental justice and more.

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