What does the Egyptian national team offer in the opening of the World Cup qualifiers?

The Egyptian national team enters the match against Djibouti in its opening match in the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup with high morale, especially as it is accustomed to achieving victory in the first round matches.

The Egyptian national team will host its Djibouti counterpart next Thursday at Cairo Stadium in the first round of the African qualifiers for the first edition of the World Cup, with the participation of 48 teams.

The Egyptian national team had participated in the World Cup qualifiers 15 previous times before Thursday’s confrontation, and the Pharaohs team won the first match 12 times, compared to 3 defeats, while it did not know any draws.

The Egyptian national team’s victories in the opening rounds witnessed great results, as it won twice with a score of 7-1.

On the other hand, the Egyptian team’s record in the opening rounds was not without unpleasant surprises, as it was defeated by Chad in the 2018 edition qualifiers, but what is noteworthy is that this time is one of only 3 times that the team ultimately qualified for the finals.

The Egyptian national team also lost to Italy in the 1954 qualifiers and Morocco in the 1982 qualifiers.

Below, Yalla Koura reviews the results of the Egyptian national team in the first match of each World Cup qualifier throughout history:


Won Palestine 7-1 in March 1934


Lost to Italy 1-2 in November 1953


Won Tunisia 2-1 in December 1972


Won Ethiopia 3-0 in October 1976


Lost to Morocco 0-1 in April 1981


Beat Zimbabwe 1-0 in August 1984


Won Liberia 2-0 in January 1989


Won Angola 1-0 in October 1992


Won Namibia 7-1 in November 1996


Won Mauritius 2-0 in April 2000


Won Sudan 3-0 in June 2004


Won the Democratic Republic of Congo 2-1 in June 2008


Won Mozambique 2-0 in June 2012


Lost to Chad 0-1 in November 2015


Won Angola 1-0 in September 2021

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