What does Argentina need to qualify for the round of 16 of the U17 World Cup?

Los two first from each of the six groups and the four best third parties will continue in the race for the youth title.

Con the 3-1 victory over Japanthe albiceleste team recovered from the defeat by 2-1 ante Senegal and was left with 3 points and 1 goal in favor. In front is the African team, with 6 units (+4). And in third place is Japan with 3 points (-1), making it the third best third place and is qualifying.

Close the table Polandwhich despite the two defeats, is not yet eliminated.

How is Group D defined?

Senegal and Japan play the key duel, since a victory for the Asians will tie the two teams on points. And there could be a triple equality, if Argentina beats Poland. And that’s where the goal difference will play.

If Argentina wins

With the three points, the Placente team will add 6 points. If Senegal also wins or draws, they will be the two qualifiers in the area.

If, on the other hand, Japan wins, the final positions will depend on the goal difference and, potentially, all three will advance, but the third will be defined with respect to what happens in the other areas.

If Argentina ties

With one more point, Argentina will add four, and if Senegal wins or draws, the Albiceleste would advance as second in Group D, due to having a better goal difference than Japan.

If Japan wins, it will leave Argentina in third place, but it would be enough for them to continue in the race, since South Korea y Mexico (today the worst third parties), they have no points.

If Argentina loses

A defeat would leave the Albiceleste with 3 points, but unless they lose by three or more goals, they would remain in third place in the group and it will depend on what happens in the other areas to know if they enter the best four third places.

A loss by three or more goals would leave Argentina eliminated.


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