Weekly News for Designers № 611

Welcome to the W3C design system – A look at how the W3C’s design system is built. You can even download templates for use in your own projects.
Example from Welcome to the W3C design system

How to work with both good and bad design customers – How to decide which clients are worth the effort and which ones you should just skip.
Example from how to work with both good and bad design customers

CSS Container Query Units – Experiment with CSS container queries using various devices.
Example from CSS Container Query Units

Paper to HTML Converter – Check out an experimental prototype designed to render scientific articles in HTML.
Example from Paper to HTML Converter

Doodle Ipsum – Create custom doodles for use on your project prototypes, etc.
Example from Doodle Ipsum

10 WordPress Plugins That Help Improve Website Accessibility – A wide range of tools to help us meet the challenges of accessibility.
Example of 10 WordPress plugins that help improve site accessibility

Purity UI Dashboard – Get a copy of this free ReactJS Dashboard based on the Chakra UI.
Example from Purity UI Dashboard

Koloicons- A fully customizable library of 3,000+ free SVG icons.
Example from Koloicons

Mechanic-An open source framework that makes it easy to create custom, web-based design tools that export design assets directly to your browser.
Example from Mechanic

Customers make too many UX decisions. How to stop them. – Tips for inviting client feedback while keeping them at a safe distance from UX.
Example from clients make too many UX decisions.  How to stop them.

iPod.js – This JavaScript app uses the familiar iPod Classic UI and pairs it with the ability to connect to popular streaming services.
Example from iPod.js

Basic Pattern Storage – A collection of simple and seamless SVG patterns that you can copy and paste into projects.
Example from Basic Pattern Repository

Faust.js, Framework For Headless WordPress – Take a look at WPEngine’s new headless WordPress framework.
Example from Faust.js, Framework For Headless WordPress

Grainy Gradients – Learn how to create noise effects with CSS and SVG.
Example from Grainy Gradients

Tips for improving the core web vitality of your WordPress site – Optimize your site’s performance and stay in Google’s good grace.
Example from tips for improving Core Web Vitals on your WordPress site

iPhone 13 Mockup (FREE) – Add the latest iPhone to your device’s mockup collection with this free Figma file.
Example from iPhone 13 Mockup (FREE)

Create content that targets your existing design customers – Write informative content that is sure to pique your client’s interest.
Example from Create content that targets your existing design clients

Tove – This new WordPress theme benefits from Full Site Editing (FSE) and Gutenberg block editor.
Example from Tove WordPress Theme

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