“We can cure our beloved Argentina,” said Esteban Bullrich

Former national senator Esteban Bullrich voted yesterday at Secondary School 14 in the town of Agustina, in Junín, and called to go to the polls “without fear.”

“In Junín, #YaVoté. Come on Argentina, today we have a historic opportunity. Let’s go vote #withoutfear,” Esteban Bullrich tweeted after casting his vote.

Before the electoral ban, the former Minister of Social Development of the City of Buenos Aires spoke about the elections and stressed the importance of going to vote without fear. “I was scared when I heard that I had an incurable disease, but I knew I had to beat it if I wanted to beat ALS. They say fear paralyzes, but I’m already paralyzed so I have an advantage,” he said.

And he added: “We can all overcome fear. For that we must adopt a positive attitude and this Sunday it is about the same thing: what attitude we take when voting. Our Argentina does not face, like me, incurable diseases.”

“Courage and conviction”

Esteban Bullrich was forceful and maintained that we must vote with hope: “This Sunday let’s go vote without fear, with the hope that we can cure our beloved Argentina of its illnesses, with the courage that is born from the conviction of leaving behind the ruins of what already was, and the hope of building the Argentina that is to come, the one we dream of.

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