VR Sculptor Built Full-Size T-Rex He’s Bringing Into Reality

People ask VR sculptor Simon Clark why he builds a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex and 3D prints it one piece at a time.

“Why not?” Clark answers. “If people can’t have or don’t have VR, what better way to bring it out into the real world for people to actually see?”

With 75 kg (165 pounds) of 3D printing filament so far, the New Zealander estimates he is nearing the midpoint of his full-scale model of a complete T-Rex skeleton. He already sold the smaller one he made in 2020, and his continuous learning process in VR modeling has brought him to new tools with bigger ambitions. He used SculptrVR for his initial work, but he’s gotten his hands on Shapelab now, moving the work into tools like Blender, animating them in Masterpiece Motion, and even publishing them to visitors in VRChat.

Clark’s T-Rex is available in one VRChat world, while another is home to a collection of large animated insects he designed.

“We’re still early days with this whole creativity side of VR development,” Clark told UploadVR during a recent tour of his work. “It just gets better and better every year.”

Here are some photos of Clark, known as Topgunsi online, with the giant 3D printed dinosaur as it is assembled:

Watch the tour and an extended look at his process in the video interview below:


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