Vodafone Idea’s new tariff to discourage mobile number porting, Telecom News, ET Telecom

Vodafone Idea's new tariff to discourage mobile number porting, Telecom News, ET Telecom

NEW DELHI: Telecom Watchdog, a nonprofit, on Thursday sought the intervention of the sector regulator to prevent Vodafone Idea (Vi) from moving the SMS or SMS service to a higher tariff of Rs 179, which it said would deter subscribers from transferring to others service providers.

In a letter to the chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, PD Vaghela, dated November 25, the organization said, “our immediate concern is their move where they have moved SMS services to a higher tariff, i.e. Rs 179 package , minimum. “

The Delhi-based body added that for porting out an SMS service is required and if a consumer wants to port out, he or she must first pay at least Rs 179 to get the tariff plan with SMS services.

It has also expressed surprise at the lack of action by the sector regulator over the consumer-centric issue.

“We are very surprised to note that such a friendly action by Vodafone Idea has gone unnoticed so far, as Trai has not taken any action to protect the interests of consumers. In fact, SMS services should be in the lowest tariff plan. We request about your swift action to stop this abuse / mistreatment of consumers, “the letter added.

This week, following Bharti Airtel’s revised prepaid tariff plans, Vodafone Idea had also raised its prices to marginally increase average earnings per share. user with a revision of a minimum package of Rs 149 to Rs 179 that offers unlimited calling, 300 SMS and 2GB data.

However, Mumbai-based telecommunications company also offers Rs 99 plan for voice calls only with a 28-day validity.

On Tuesday, the telecommunications company said the new tariff plans would allow it to continue to improve India’s fastest mobile network, confirmed by Ookla, adding that it remains committed to providing its customers with simple and convenient products.

But Telecom Watchdog’s secretary Vikram Mittal said in the letter that it was a smart and anti-consumer move to destroy competition. “Is nothing more than stopping consumers from moving to other telecommunications companies to get better services. Consumers are greatly affected of this forced detention of their incumbent (Vodafone Idea) in this way, “it added.

MNP or mobile number portability requires that subscribers first send an SMS to their service provider and after approval, further process is initiated which can take 3 to 5 days.

In September this year, 10.10 million subscribers submitted their MNP requests to their respective telecommunications companies. Cumulative MNP requests increased from 628.15 million at the end of August 2021 to 638.25 million at the end of September 2021, since implementation, according to Trai data.


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