Victoria Villarruel, about ESMA: “There are 17 hectares that could also be enjoyed by all the Argentine people”

The candidate for vice president considered that the law must be reviewed

The vice presidential candidate for La Libertad Avanza, Victoria Villarruelconfirmed that, if his space wins the next elections, he would “discuss” the law of Voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVE) and maintained that, since the measure was approved by Congress, “there are women who are aborting children at term.”

In addition, the national representative referred to a hypothetical management of the former ESMA, the center for torture and disappearance of people whose museum was distinguished by UNESCO as World Heritage, and stated that we must have “a broad vision of human rights.”

“There are 17 hectares that could also be enjoyed by the entire Argentine people, above all, because at the time they were destined to be schools, which is what we need most,” Villarruel said this Monday.

“I think we should think a little about having a broad vision of human rights, which includes us all and allows us, with the passage of time and with great respect, to close the wounds that hurt us as a society,” he concluded.

In September, the UNESCO Committee declared the ESMA Memory Museum as a World Heritage Site and included it among the monuments and areas protected by the organization in the world.

As announced during the committee session, held on September 19, it is established that the ESMA Memory Site Museum – Former Clandestine Center for Detention, Torture and Extermination is associated with and representative of the illegal repression carried out and coordinated by Latin American dictatorships in the 1970s and 1980s on the basis of the forced disappearance of people.

In this way, the Site Museum becomes part of the list that includes places with a “outstanding universal value” that belong to the common heritage of humanity, in accordance with the provisions of the World Heritage Convention of 1972. The same It was ratified by 194 countries who are part of an international community united in the joint mission of identifying and protecting the most important natural and cultural heritage of our planet.

Just one day after the presidential debate, in which his running mate, Javier Mileyfaced Sergio Massafrom Unión por la Patria, the deputy defended the main space campaign projects and ratified her position of reviewing the measure sanctioned by Congress.

“We are both pro-life, so, for us, there has to be a discussion about this. I would also like the discussion to take place on scientific bases and on serious arguments, and not as ideologized as those that colored the promulgation of the law in 2020,” he noted.

In this regard, Villarruel clarified that this would not be one of the first projects that they would send if they reach the Government, since “it is an issue that has an urgency that is not imminent, considering that the economy is totally exorbitant, and that leads to no “You can neither trade nor live, and there is also no security.”

Victoria Villarruel (Tomas Cuesta/Pool via REUTERS)
Victoria Villarruel (Tomas Cuesta/Pool via REUTERS)

“We do not put it in terms of time, but at some point we would like to discuss it, especially because, on the issue of abortion, in Argentina, Unfortunately, the law ends up being stretched to infinity, so today you find women who are having full-term abortions, and it seems to me that it does not correspond.”held.

When asked about the source of this argument, the leader of La Libertad Avanza pointed out that, “only by alleging that you have psychological problems, the mother can obtain authorization for the abortion, and we must understand that that was not the spirit.” of the law”.

Regarding the debate, the deputy questioned Massa’s presentation and considered that he had “an almost pathetic attitude” when he asked Milei to answer “yes or no” on certain issues.

“In front of us we have a well-oiled machinery, but which hides Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Alberto Fernández, Máximo Kirchner, that is, all their monsters, and they leave Sergio Massa, who carries out his performance that, to me, as a spectator, seemed extremely petulant and arrogant.”, he remarked.

Likewise, when speaking about an eventual libertarian Cabinet, Villarruel assured that the Homeland Bullrich She told him that she “had no interest” in being his Minister of Security, but she anticipated that she would “take into account a lot of people,” and “not only from Together for Change, but also, probably from the space of (Juan) Schiaretti or apolitical people.”

“Our teams are made up of people who never entered political activity, but who are bosses in their areas. How are we not going to open the spectrum to people who know about matters in which those who supposedly know, who are the Kirchnerists, in 16 years left this country on the brink of a war, little less.”

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