Valheim VR Mod Now Includes Motion Controller Support

Valheim, the popular Viking-themed survival game for PC, does not support native virtual reality, but luckily there is a fully-featured mod out there that lets you play via PC VR headsets and Oculus Quest via Link or Air Link. The unofficial VR mod has gotten some pretty significant updates for the new year that has really rounded the game off, making it feel more like a built for VR experience.

Since we last checked in with VHVR, a number of quality of life features have been added, which aim to make it feel much more like a VR native.

Here’s a look at some of the key features that have come to the mod recently and now bring the mod to its 0.8.1 version:

  • Massive update to HUD to make it more VR-friendly:
    • Healthbar, Minimap and Stamina Bar can now be moved independently between three locations: Left or Right hand and a camera locked position
    • Camera-locked UI elements can be moved up, down, left or right and scaled
    • Hand-held UI elements can be moved around freely using a custom configuration menu
    • Check the “VRHUD” tab in the VHVH menu settings to see all the ways it can be configured
    • Options to move the UI elements to the original UI panel if desired (legacy mode)
    • Saved hotbars
    • Lock the main interface panel in place when the card or fixtures are open
    • There will be more in the future
  • Mini-map updates (in addition to the VR Skin updates above):
    • Important: When using the new VRHUD card, the card change button now turns the mini card on and off. To switch to the big big card, use the “Quick Action” menu in the left hand instead.
    • Oculus Touch users can now zoom the map in and out by holding down the right grip button and using the right joystick up / down
    • Map pins can now be added by holding down “Click Modifier” (left controller trigger) and “left” clicking on the map (right controller trigger)
    • Players can now ping the mini-card by holding down “Click Modifier” and “right-clicking” on the card (B-button on the right controller)
  • Fixed Jotunn mod compatibility issue that resulted in log-spam “Unmapped ZInput” warnings and caused massive performance issues.
  • Fixed Bloom graphic effect, this can now be safely used without graphic artifacts on the screen.
  • Adjust to the rest position of the arrow on the bow
  • Disabled space-scale motion when attached to things
  • Added option to avoid rotating views with lox when lox turns
  • Added “ExclusiveRoomscaleSneak” option to force players to physically crawl if they want to sneak in (default allows both crouching and joystick when using roomscale sneak feature).
  • Fixed an issue with KB&M controls where users had to look slightly out of angle to hold the mouse cursor over an object to use it.
  • Added option to disable “Recenter Pose” where holding the controllers in front of the face for 3 seconds caused a reset of tracking

You can find VHVR over at NexusMods, where you’ll also find a handy step-by-step guide on how to install. The original article with details VHVR follows below:

Two updates released this month (versions 0.6 and 0.7) include significant gains for users looking for a more VR-native experience. Now, Valheim VR has included some of the important things mentioned above, but has also fixed things like anti-aliasing, arms are not synced correctly in multiplayer, and Vive wand bindings.

Another nice detail: It can be configured to squat to sneak in space scale, and a few mechanics were included, such as shield paring, stitching, and improved fishing. You can see the entire change log here.

The original article describing the inclusion of motion controller support follows below:

Original Article (June 21, 2021): Originally released in February by Brandon Mousseau, the mod not only allows you to play VR in first person, but now also includes reverse kinematics for articulated upper body and finger animations and a full range of things you can do with motion controllers . You can now do things like participate in melee combat via swinging and hitting, of course shooting bow and arrow, holding up your shield and fishing.

There are some things that have not changed due to the stubbornly flat-screen character of the game, such as some point-and-click interactions like building, assembling supplies, and interacting with menus. However, the mod now includes custom controls for switching and equipping items via a more accessible quick menu and casing and firing of weapons, which is a big step in making it feel more like a VR native.

Check out this YouTube video ‘Gamertag VR’ to see the mod in action:

There are still a few reservations Valheim VR mode. At the time of writing, all multiplayer users must have the mod installed, otherwise the non-VR players may see some strange behavior, such as missing upper body and hand animations. Counter-developer Brandon Mousseau also says that full-scale tracking is still in the works, as all movement is still based only on joystick movements (see updates).

To play Valheim in VR, you need a few things outside of a SteamVR-compatible VR headset, VR-ready PC, and a legit copy of the game. You will also need to download the BepInExPack installer to inject custom code and the VHVR mod hosted on NexusMods.

If you have never installed another mod Valheim, Mousseau also made a practical step-by-step installation guide. You will find everything you need there.

Thanks to Twitter user OXIOXI for the tip.


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