US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin resumes his duties and is absent from NATO meetings

He is expected to appeal US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin He assumed his duties today, Tuesday, after recovering from treatment he underwent under general anesthesia after being transferred to the hospital in the Washington suburbs, according to what the Pentagon reported from his doctors.

According to the Al Arabiya website, doctors wrote, “We expect a successful recovery,” with “no longer stay in hospital expected” for the Minister of Defense, who was admitted Sunday to the intensive care unit due to a bladder problem..

It has already been transferred Lloyd Austin He was taken to the hospital without informing the White House because of his infection Prostate cancer .

But this time, the US presidency and Congress were informed of the minister’s health condition before he was transferred to the hospital, according to what his spokesman, Pat Ryder, said Monday..

Ryder did not clarify whether Austin He will cancel a visit he was scheduled to make to Brussels this week.

Austin was scheduled to participate in Brussels in meetings with other NATO defense ministers.

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