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Tanuj Bansal, General Manager, Azure Marketing

As customers’ technological needs explode, helping them find the right solution can help limit their ability to achieve their goals. Together with our partners, we help customers everywhere to find solutions that meet every need and reach new heights.

Through the commercial marketplace, we connect our customers with a catalog of over 30,000 apps and services created by our partners. It’s also how we help our partners scale. The commercial marketplace draws from a central catalog managed in the Partner Center. When ISV releases, they lock access to over 1 billion Microsoft users and over 90,000 partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program.

New, better together partner-to-partner opportunities

At Microsoft Inspire, we announced the private preview of CSP margin sharing. A new opportunity to help ISVs activate our ecosystem with over 90,000 partners to resell their applications (check out this on-demand session for more information). With CSP margin sharing, ISVs can create new private offerings and extend the margin to Cloud Solution Providers – an incentive for partners to sell an ISV’s application. This feature is now in public preview and available for our partners to sell together in our commercial marketplace.

By selling through the partner ecosystem, ISVs can grow their business by expanding into new markets and acquiring new customers – all without adding operating costs.

“Barracuda leverages Microsoft’s commercial marketplace to help customers accelerate innovation and simplify transactions and implement solutions developed for Azure. Now that we can engage Microsoft’s ecosystem of Cloud Solution Providers by creating private offerings tailored to them, we have new opportunities to sell partner to partner for our shared customer success. ”

Nicole Napiltonia, Vice President, Global Alliances, OEM Sales, Barracuda

With CSP margin sharing, partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program can expand their catalog of new ISV solutions from the commercial marketplace to provide customers with end-to-end solutions. This creates stronger, better together, partner-to-partner opportunities to help our partners grow their business while helping Cloud Solution Partners achieve new revenue streams.

“Being able to sell applications from the commercial marketplace allows us to add new services as the needs of our partners and customers evolve. And now that ISVs can create private offerings and offer us a margin, it significantly simplifies our processes and allows us to grow our marketplace business even more. It’s a win-win for everyone. ”

Tram Nguyen, Product Manager, Microsoft 365 and Business Apps, Sherweb

By enabling partners to work together through the commercial marketplace—we strengthen our commitment as the most partner-focused business platform. This is also supported by our recent news on reducing the agency’s transaction fees to 3 percent from an industry standard of 20 percent.

A large number of ISVs and CSPs have found success with these options during the private preview – and we thank them for their partnership.

Spotlight: LawToolBox and Pax8

From participating in the private preview and embracing the commercial marketplace as a major sales channel, LawToolBox – a SasS offering integrated with Microsoft Teams – must scale to new customers and reach new revenue milestones. Just two months after partnering with Pax8 and embracing the commercial marketplace, LawToolBox has seen a 105 percent increase in licenses traded through the market.

LawToolBox partnered with trusted technology consultant Pax8 by creating a private offering for them to sell their SaaS offering and receive a margin. Pax8 is a cloud distributor with more than 20K managed service providers that law firms trust. The Pax8 marketplace gives LawToolBox a direct way to reach new markets by letting their partners easily buy, sell and manage the solution for all customers from one portal. By integrating into the commercial marketplace, customers can seamlessly implement their app without additional onboarding or purchase signing.

The marketplace is the road to co-selling

Co-sell is simply how we sell apps and services together and engage thousands of global field salesmen and partners, while ensuring that all participants benefit from this effort together. It strengthens the mutual interest in customer success for all involved. Since we launched the co-sell program, we have jointly been able to sell more than $ 22.1 billion in partner apps and services. And it’s not Microsoft revenue, it’s partner revenue directly from selling together.

Sales through the commercial marketplace are the starting point for starting the co-sell journey. The first step in seizing this huge opportunity is by joining the Microsoft Partner Network. Once a partner, ISVs should publish their paid offerings to the commercial marketplace to reach Microsoft customers and access the massive network of Cloud Solution Providers. Now that Cloud Solution Providers can partner with ISVs and be rewarded for selling their applications — it’s a win-win for everyone.

Sell ​​with us and publish your paid offer.

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