Unique office design in India wraps around a green space

In Raipur, India, a new project called the Courtyard Office of Sanjay Puri Architects redefines the commercial architecture. The linear office space encloses a landscaped patio. The effect of this sustainable building is one of privacy and tranquility both inside and out.

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A building that protrudes upwards at the end

From two to four levels high, the Courtyard Office floors are raised from the ground in the southwest and northeast corner. This allows a southwesterly breeze through the courtyard in the center of the building. The northwest corner of the building is also lifted from the ground. It creates the visual impression of large volumes at both ends of the building and visual contact between where the cafeteria and library are located.

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The side of the Courtyard Office has vertical bars

Furthermore, the building is constructed with a circular backbone that encircles the inner courtyard. In this way, the landscape can be seen from any point throughout the building, or when walking around the outer periphery that houses external gardens. The design is intended to provide indirect light during the day into all interior spaces, making the building energy efficient. Angled slats control the entry of light and provide shade to prevent too much heat from penetrating the interior.

An open patio filled with rocks and grass between them

Moreover, the design was inspired by the principles of traditional Indian patio houses. In this case, the orientation of the building creates interior office spaces that range from small to large and vary in orientation. It provides the opportunity to have energy-efficient workplaces that blend the use of open and closed spaces.

An indoor pavilion area

The building is 88,660 square feet and cost over $ 40 million to build. Award-winning Sanjay Puri Architects has won over 200 international and 100 national awards for their work in designing schools, hotels, office buildings and more that aim to be sustainable solutions on a large scale.

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Photos by Sanjay Puri Architects and MR, DINESH MEHTA


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