Under 17 World Cup: how the Argentine National Team is classified for the round of 16 and the group D position table

It was not the expected start in the Under 17 World Cup for the Argentine National Team. In their World Cup debut, those led by Diego Placente They fell to Senegal 2 to 1 despite having played well for much of the match. However, The Albiceleste responded and achieved an important victory against Japan by 3 to 1 with goals from Claudio Echeverri, Valentino Acuña and Agustín Ruberto. On the last date they will have to face Poland to go in search of qualification. This is how the Group D standings remained.. How do you get to the round of 16?

Under 17 World Cup: Argentina and the group D position table

  1. Senegal | 6 pts. | +4
  2. Argentina | 3 pts. | +1
  3. Japan | 3 pts. | -1
  4. Poland | 0 points | -4
Argentina beat Japan on the second date.  (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)Argentina beat Japan on the second date. (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)

What is the format of the U17 World Cup?

The selections will be divided into six groups of four members each, where all will play against all. The first and second in each group qualify for the round of 16 and they will accompany them four best third parties. Then, from the round of 16 onwards, direct elimination duels.

How does the Argentine National Team qualify for the round of 16?

Despite having lost in the debut, Argentina’s situation is not so alarming. Of the 24 participants, only eight will be left out in the first instance. That is why Agustín Ruberto’s goal for the National Team’s discount against Senegal was very important, since the goal difference will play an important role in defining the classifieds. Furthermore, the victory against Japan, a direct rival in the fight for second place, puts everything on track even further.

Those led by Placente continue to depend on themselves: They took the first step by defeating Japan by more than one goal and if they beat Poland they will secure a place in the round of 16 as, at least, second in the pack.. The final position will depend, obviously, on the results of other parties’ matches.

Under 17 World Cup: the last two matches of group D

  • Senegal vs. Japan | Friday, November 17 | 06.00 a.m.
  • Argentina vs. Poland | Friday, November 17 | 06.00 a.m.

Under 17 World Cup: all the results of group D

Date 1

  • Japan 1 – Poland 0
  • Argentina 1 – Senegal 2

Sub 17 team 14-11-2023

Goal by Agustín Ruberto. Argentina 1 – Senegal 2. Under 17 World Cup

Date 2

  • Senegal 4 – Poland 1
  • Japan 1 – Argentina 2

Senegal 14-11-2023

All Senegal’s goals in the rout against Poland in the U-17 World Cup

Claudio Echeverri 14-11-2023

Diablito Echeverri’s great goal for the Under 17 National Team vs. Japan

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