UK Start-Up Secures $3.4M To Bring AR To Retail Stores

UK Start-Up Secures $3.4M To Bring AR To Retail Stores

Dent Reality, a London-based start-up behind a groundbreaking AR platform, has raised £ 2.5 million ($ 3.4 million) in funding to expand its groundbreaking work across the retail sector.

The funding round was led by Europe’s most active proptech VC, Pi Labs, with the participation of Silicon Valley-based trading experts Sugar Capital and deep tech specialists 7Percent Ventures – one of the first backers of Oculus VR – along with several notable angel investors.

With the financing, the company plans to invest in its own teams and services to accelerate the speed at which they bring companies into the metaverse. The team will expand to new stores and retailers and open up the platform to new markets.

The Dent Reality team has teamed up with Marks & Spencer, a major UK retailer, to test the technology at their Westfield London store in White City. A custom app built by Dent Reality helps shoppers find each item on their list of real-time guidance and information to enhance their experience.

The same technology can be extensive and in the future could be used on e.g. campuses, airports, shopping malls and museums. Dent Reality claims to have a waiting list that includes hundreds of large organizations across a wide range of different sectors.

Dent Reality’s technology is an all-in-one platform that provides an accurate indoor positioning system, a digital map and a hassle-free user experience that uses AR for frictionless navigation. Its mapping technology can quickly map a room and keep it updated with useful information, such as where groceries are located in a supermarket, and provides AR prompts for in-store navigation via a mobile app.

All of these technologies work in a complex environment where there can be 40,000 items in a typical location and thousands of locations per day. dealer. For example, if you entering gluten-free bread in an integrated app, you will see the instructions for the item. Combined, it enriches the visitor’s shopping experience by blending digital technologies with real-world applications, providing useful contextual information with seamless delivery.

The investment comes at a time when companies like Meta, Niantic and Microsoft are making big announcements about their own visions and investments for the meta-verse. Despite these big tech announcements; in recent years, there has been a lack of venture agreements for startups that focus on finding opportunities in augmented reality – presumably due to major devastation with organizations like Magic Leap that over-promise quality beyond current technological opportunities. But smaller startups like Dent Reality are still finding entrances that appeal to investors.

Dent Reality believes that the metaverse will not be a separate virtual world, but an integrated reality where the virtual and the real mix and provide contextual information that enriches interactions in the real world.

Feature Image Credit: Dent Reality


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