Twelve South’s new cotton workout Apple Watch ActionBand

Take a look at the new Twelve South ActionBand for Apple Watch. A direct follow-up to the brand’s already available ActionSleeve, the new training-focused action band combines a comfortable terry cotton bracelet with an Apple Watch wearer for what Twelve South calls “the world’s most comfortable, wrist-friendly way to train with your Apple Watch.” Go below for a closer look and a good launch deal.

New Twelve South ActionBand for Apple Watch

The new Twelve South ActionBand for Apple Watch holds your Apple Watch securely against your skin inside a soft terry cotton bracelet. It has been blended with Lycra for a stretchy and yet snug fit that allows you to wear it on your wrist or up on your forearm. It comes with two straps, one that carries the Apple Watch and one that matches the other wrist that does not:

Thick cotton material absorbs sweat, keeps your hands dry, making it easier to hold a firm grip on barbells, free weights, cardio equipment or a tennis racket. With one for each wrist included, you will crush your next workout in style!

The design of the Twelve South ActionBand leaves the digital crown and side button fully accessible while fully machine washable. You can just throw both of the included straps in the wash with the rest of your exercise equipment and be done with it:

By dedicating ActionBand to your Apple fitness routine, after workouts, your favorite Apple Watch band will still be clean and dry. How refreshing is that? ActionBand includes a pair of machine washable bracelets, one with an Apple Watch frame, one without. Pamper your wrist. Order ActionBand today.

The new Twelve South ActionBand is available now for $ 29.99. If you buy three or more, the price drops 20% at check-out as well. It is compatible with Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 and SE, but Series 7 support is still in the works.


The new Twelve South ActionBand seems like a more practical and universally acceptable training option than the previous generation’s take. Although you will have to get them in the gym to actually determine how useful they are compared to your typical sports band, but it seems that it will be much more comfortable. And while you can certainly score some sweatbands for less, the $ 30 price tag – especially since you get a pair of them – seems reasonable here.

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