Twelve South Curve Flex delivers a versatile MacBook companion

Today, Twelve South is launching a brand new addition to its range of MacBook stands, and it happens to be the brand’s most versatile option yet. Meet the new Curve Flex, an adjustable way to support your machine on the desk with an aluminum design that folds up to raise your device up to 22 inches from the desk. Head below as we take a hands-on look at what you can expect from the new Twelve South Curve Flex.

Twelve South Curve Flex MacBook stands arrive

Twelve South was kind enough to send over one of the new Curve Flex stands and I’ve been testing it out for the past week or so. The short version of this review is that the brand packed its usual premium design cues and advanced build materials into an all-new form factor that offers even more flexibility in setting up your desk around a MacBook and more. But there is of course more to write home about this time.

Really diving into the Flex naming scheme, the new Twelve South stand joins the brand’s range of existing Curve accessories with an even more adjustable design than before. We’ve seen a few different models arrive in this stable over the years, and the latest steps on each to deliver a flexible way to keep your MacBook at your desk.

Everything is centered around an aluminum construction that stays true to the Twelve South series. Out of the box, the stand has a very premium-feeling design with a certain heft. The design features three different pieces of carved aluminum attached together with hinges that allow the stand to open almost like an accordion. This not only allows you to adjust the height of your setup, but also provides some additional flexibility in how your machine is angled.

To help with that, the top of the Twelve South Curve Flex is lined with this incredibly grippy padding that helps keep your MacBook in place. It has a porous design that is far more spongy and rubbery than what I’ve seen on other stands, even previous releases from the company. So if you’re worried about this scratching up your new Midnight M2 MacBook Air, Twelve South has really looked to plan ahead.

The flexible design also allows you to fold the stand flat when not in use. Twelve South actually includes a small sleeve in the box for storing the Curve Flex in your bag between setting up a mobile workstation and a use case, which I can actually see being a huge benefit of the stand for students heading back to school in the fall or anyone else who routinely switches between the desktop at home or in the office.

Although the biggest aspect of the rack has to be how tight the tolerances are for the whole package. Twelve South has a reputation for delivering some pretty high-end accessories to match Apple’s devices, and the Curve Flex might just be the best execution of that yet. The joints that hold the entire accessory together are so smooth to adjust that ultimately stack up to deliver a stand with very little wobble. It doesn’t matter how you set up your MacBook (within reason), the stand is just built well enough to hold things in place.

Now available for purchase, the new Twelve South Curve Flex is on sale direct from Twelve South and over on Amazon. It also comes in one of two different matte colors, white and black. Each model is sold for $79.99 right now.

  • Raises your MacBook screen + camera up to 22 inches
  • Adjusts the angle of your keyboard from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Folds flat to take your MacBook wherever you go
  • Available in matt black or matt white

9to5Toys’ Take

I’ve been using the Twelve South Curve Flex for the past several days and have to say I’m pretty impressed. The company is by no means new to making a good first impression, but the build quality is on another level this time around. Aluminum materials aside, I still can’t get over how stiff this stand is when it’s actually supporting your machine and how smooth the joints are when you need to fold it up or adjust the position of your device.

This will be a perfect addition for anyone who is running one of the latest MacBooks and wants to dock it on the desk to use it with a larger screen. And frankly, I’ve used it to support my machine by itself with an external keyboard and mouse, which is another way the Twelve South Curve Flex shines.

I really don’t have anything negative to say this time, other than that 80 USD The price will not be for everyone. But for those offended by how prices have dropped for Twelve South’s latest, the brand’s existing Curve stands at 60 USD is going to deliver a similar experience for less, just without the adjustable design.

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