Pictures of transparent prototypes of AirPods and a 29W Apple power adapter have been shared on Twitter by Apple device collector Giulio Zompetti.

The prototypes, which appear to be either first-generation or second-generation AirPods, have clear plastic along the stem and around the outside of the earphone, with the normal white plastic on the inside of the earphone. Transparent enclosures are sometimes used for prototypes to allow engineers to look directly into the unit.

Apple has been known to use transparent cases for prototypes that go back to the Macintosh Classic. Other Apple device prototypes, such as the Macintosh Portable and Newton, have emerged over the years, but this is the first time that the strikingly transparent case has been seen on an Apple device as new and as compact as the AirPods.

Observers may perceive some random similarities between these prototype AirPods and the design of Notting’s “Ear (1)” genuine wireless earphones, which are positioned as a low-cost AirPods Pro competitor.

Last week, Zompetti shared photos of a prototype Apple 29W charger with a transparent case. The 29W power adapter came with the 12-inch MacBook, but was discontinued with this machine in 2018 and replaced with a 30W adapter.

Zompetti is an avid collector of Apple prototype devices and has previously shared photos of an Apple Watch Series 3 prototype with extra connectors, an original iPad with two 30-pin ports, an iPhone 12 Pro prototype, a third generation iPod touch with a rear camera, rare original Apple Watch prototypes and especially a working AirPower prototype.

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