TRAIN to MAR del PLATA and PINAMAR: the trick to buy tickets FAST and CHEAP

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This Tuesday, November 21 at 6 in the morning Argentine Trains enabled the sale of long-distance tickets to Mar del Plata and Pinamar and the demand exploded: in Constitution Square There are more than 10 blocks of line to buy and the wait online is greater than one hour.

Con values ​​starting at $2,335 per sectionlong-distance train services are the favorite options for those looking to travel low cost, but also in a comfortable and fast way.

This is why, year after year, tickets for the summer they sell out quicklyespecially those who travel to the coastal towns of Mar del Plata -the route with the greatest number of services- and Pinamarin addition to Crdoba, Tucumán, Santa Fe, San Luis, Mendoza, Santiago del Esteroamong other destinations.

Due to this, this year Trenes Argentinos decided open ticket sales in stagesstarting this Tuesday with the tickets to the Argentine Coast: Key tricks and how to buy to travel cheaply in summer to Mar del Plata and Pinamar.

Year after year, summer tickets sell out quickly.

Train to Mar del Plata: how much do tickets cost for the summer

With two services available monday to mondayplus a direct one that is added on Fridays to appease demand, train trips to Mar del Plata last between 6:15 hours (with stops) and 5:35 hours (direct) and it is not necessary to transfer.

From Buenos Aires, trains depart from the Plaza Constitución station, in CABA, and arrive at the Mar del Plata Station (Avenida Pedro Luro 4600) and offer dining carair-conditioned environment, spaces for people with reduced mobility and the possibility of carrying bicycles. All prices to travel this summer season to or from Mar del Plata:

  • First, going: $ 2695
  • Pullman, goes: $ 3230
  • First, round trip: $ 5390
  • Pullman, round trip: $ 6460

Train to Pinamar: how much do tickets cost for the summer

In the case of the train to Pinamar, the services are also diariesalthough it is offered only one por da which departs at dawn from Plaza Constitucin and arrives at noon at the coastal district, from where it returns directly to CABA.

The trip lasts 6:34 hours and it is necessary to make a transfer at the General Guido station.where the train that continues to Mar del Plata drops off passengers who continue to Pinamar, who must then take another smaller service. All prices of the complete Constitucin-Guido-Pinamar route:

  • Ida: $ 2335
  • Round trip: $ 4670

It should be noted that, regarding these prices, Trenes Argentinos offers a 10% discount in case of to buy online the tickets, a 40% for retirees and pensioners y free service for those who present a Disability certificate current, with the same benefit for a companion.

With prices starting at $2,335 per section, long-distance train services are the favorite options for those looking to travel low-cost.

Train tickets to Mar del Plata and Pinamar: How to buy?

  1. In person: In any of the more than 70 ticket offices enabled throughout the country that connect with the terminals in Buenos Aires (Plaza Constitución, Retiro LSM and Miter, Once) and Mar del Plata, among others. The list can be consulted at the following link: Ticket offices enabled for purchasing long-distance, regional and international tickets |
  2. Online: On the Trenes Argentinos website Sofse Sales or en Sale of long distance tickets | Step by step, how to purchase tickets online:
  • Select one-way or round-trip tickets
  • Choose the origin and destination, the date of travel and the number of tickets to acquire
  • Specify whether they are adults, retirees, children, babies or CUD beneficiaries so that the discounts apply
  • Click on ‘Select services’, where the different offers appear according to the travel date, the available tickets and their prices
  • Select the location inside the car
  • Get into personal and contact information
  • Pay with credit or debit card
  • Check that the ticket receipt arrives at the email entered as a contact
  • After this, it is very important remember to confirm the trip: this must be managed between 72 and 24 hours before boarding

Train to Mar del Plata and Pinamar: the 3 key tips to get a ticket

Because it is difficult to get tickets to travel on long-distance trains in high season -from December 2023 to March 2024-, some tips to be able to buy sos son:

Enter the online site early

The sale opens at 6 in the morningit is recommended to enter the website a few minutes before and buy as soon as possible, already knowing the destination, day and time to choose. The official link is: Sofse Sales.

Buy in person

Another way to secure a ticket is buy it in person at ticket offices throughout the country, where it is also necessary be on time to get tickets.

It is necessary to take into account that The sale of tickets to the Atlantic Coast opens this Saturday the 19th at 6 in the morningso it is also recommended to be there a little earlier in case lines form, a scenario that is usually seen at the main stations.

Trenes Argentinos offers a 10% discount if you buy online.

Here is the complete list of all enabled ticket offices with their respective schedules: Ticket offices enabled for purchasing long-distance tickets |

Check later

If you were unable to purchase in the first place, Trenes Argentinos allows you to manage the return of tickets and then sell them again. This is how passages are usually released randomly.

Furthermore, since the company has been demanding since last summer the confirmation of the trip between 72 and 24 hours before In order for the purchased tickets to be effectively used, it is recommended Be attentive to the online page for about three days before the desired date to obtain canceled or unconfirmed tickets.

This is what Trenes Argentinos explained when reporting the new measure: “If you do not make the reservation, the ticket is put on sale again.. “We promote this initiative so that more people have the possibility of reaching their destinations on our trains.”

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