Today marks National Nursing Day

November 21 is Nursing Day in Argentina. The celebration was established in 1953 by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, commemorating the founding of the Federation of Associations of Catholic Nursing Professionals and coinciding with the festival of Our Lady of Remedies, considered the patron saint of the activity.

The Minister of Public Health, Federico Mangionerecognizes on this date all Nursing staff, highlighting their importance as an essential part of the health teams.

“All workers in this discipline receive a special greeting and gratitude, on behalf of the community, for the laudable task they perform,” said Mangione.

In Salta, there are more than 4,100 nurses working in different operational areas, dependent on the Provincial Nursing Directorate, which is in charge of Myriam Martínez Fabián.

Nursing is a professional discipline that encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals, families and population groups, whether sick or healthy. Its mission includes health promotion, disease prevention and patient care in their different conditions.

In health teams, well-trained and constantly updated nursing human resources play a fundamental role in the quality of services to the population and in the results.

Key elements in the performance of nurses are compassion, respect, dignity, trust and care centered on people of all conditions and at various times, such as wars, natural disasters, epidemics, in which they lead to the sick towards health.

Originally, nurses carried out their work in a beneficial and empirical manner, responding to the needs of circumstances, such as wars, plagues and catastrophes.

As time went by, nursing became professional, first with training in intermediate institutes and then with university-level courses.

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