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With Schiaretti “we talked about everything a little, with our pants off, as the old people say,” said the owner of Abuelas, who is 93 years old, in statements to Radio 10.

Carlotto expressed that “I hope” Argentines are “lucky enough to have a president like the people” based on the result of Sunday’s runoff, in reference to the support he gave to Massa on different occasions, and when asked about the figure of Milei, He asked: “Don’t name him to me, please.”

The president of Abuelas commented that she spoke “very little” with Schiaretti about the debate that Massa and Milei had last night in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), the last one before the election of the Sunday in which the name of the next head of state will be defined.

“Each province is what it is. I hope all the newspapers take that I have been with the governor. That he receives us is a very great meaning. To a good connoisseur, few words,” Carlotto mentioned.

Carlotto and an “eternal friendship” with Schiaretti

The human rights defender leader described as “eternal friendship” the one she has with Schiaretti, who received her for an hour and a half in the government building to analyze the projects that Abuelas carries out and plans to launch in the province in the future.

Carlotto and Schiaretti also remembered Sonia Torres, the historic president of Abuelas in Córdoba who died on October 20, at the age of 94, after dedicating much of her life to the search for her grandson born in captivity during the last civic-military dictatorship, to his daughter, Silvina Parodi, and his son-in-law, Daniel Orozco, who remain missing.

Schiaretti, Carlotto recalled, “also had his share” during the last civil-military dictatorship, which is why he decided to go into exile in Brazil.

“(The meeting) has been very pleasant and I am leaving full of this affection that he transmits through his temperance because he does not speak loudly or anything,” Carlotto highlighted at the end of the meeting with the governor of Cordoba.

In recent weeks, various Cordoban leaders, legislators and mayors politically linked to Schiaretti expressed their support for Massa with a view to Sunday’s runoff. However, the governor still maintains neutrality.


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