TLT launches One Button Studio 2.0

TLT launches One Button Studio 2.0

Since the spring of 2012, tens of thousands of Penn Staters have used Teaching and Learning with Technologies’ (TLT) One Button Studio for professional-quality video production. This fall marks the debut of One Button Studio 2.0 with new features that enhance the recording, storage and sharing of video projects.

“As with the original One Button Studio, version 2.0 provides preset light, sound and camera settings in a dedicated studio to simplify the recording process,” said Bart Pursel, Director of Innovation for Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT). “Now the new control in the studio and the ability to upload finished videos directly to the cloud lowers the access barrier even further.”

Visitors on upgraded One Button Studios at University Park and Commonwealth Campuses will operate the studio controls with a stand-mounted iPad. This method allows for step-by-step visual confirmation throughout the recording process, including the “start” button to start a session.

Completed footage can then be uploaded directly to Penn State’s cloud-based media management system, Kaltura. Thanks to Kaltura’s integration with Canvas, faculty and students can seamlessly integrate their One Button Studio videos into course materials and class work.

Since its debut, One Button Studio has received awards from Campus technology and American Library Association.

One Button Studio is a part of Media Commons, a university-wide initiative to enrich teaching and learning through multimedia content, classroom teaching and direct support. Faculty and students can use One Button Studio to enhance a wide range of courses from language practice, sit-down interviews, pitch videos and more. Media Commons staff offers workshops to help the university community make the most of One Button Studio.


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