TinyWow makes it easy to remove the background from any image

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Forget Photoshop; there is a simpler way to remove image backgrounds and make them transparent PNGs.

TinyWow’s Remove Image Background tool is easy to use, 100% free (with no usage limits or restrictions) and can be used from any modern web browser. But what is TinyWow Remove Image Background and how can it help you?

What is TinyWow Remove Image Background?

TinyWow Remove Image Background is a handy web-based tool that takes all the work out of making image backgrounds transparent. There are no hourly limits or restrictions on the images you can run through the tool, and you can use it completely free of charge.


How to use TinyWow Remove Image Background

TinyWow is easy to use and produces excellent results that complete the background removal task automatically. Follow these steps to remove image backgrounds from your photos and other images.

Step 1: Go to the TinyWow website

Go to the TinyWow website. Hover the cursor over Picture drop-down menu on the main navigation bar to open the image menu and select Image background remover from the top of the pane.

Step 2: Upload a photo

tinywow remove background processing

Screenshot taken from TinyWow’s website

click on Upload from PC or mobiledrag and drop your files in the middle of the page or click on Google Drive icon to upload your image from Drive. The website will process your image once it has been uploaded and this process will take a little longer for large images.

Step 3: Add a background color or background image (optional)

tinywow remove background

Screenshot taken from TinyWow’s website

You will see a preview of your image after its background has been removed. You’ll also see an option to add a background image or choose a color.

click Add background image and select an image file from your computer or mobile device. Once processed, you will see the background image behind your original image.

Alternatively, click Select Color and choose a color from the color wheel (or add a hex code). This will change the background color of your image. click on Transparent background check box to turn off the background image or color.

Step 4: Download your newly created image

You can download your image when you are satisfied with it. click fetchperform reCaptcha and select Save to device or Save to Drive to start the transfer. Your new file will be a .PNG file.

Remove image background with TinyWow

It’s that easy. Unlike other automatic background removal tools, TinyWow Remove Image Background produces exceptionally clean and precise results. This allows it to act as a free alternative to expensive tools like Photoshop when it comes to background transparency.

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