Timekettle’s translator earbuds break language barriers, bring in simultaneous translation

Timekettle's translator headphones break language barriers, bringing in simultaneous translation

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In today’s world, we find ourselves in situations where we need to speak a foreign language more and more often. It could be a new business partner, a new exchange student acquaintance, or it could just be us traveling abroad across many different countries. We can not speak all languages, right now?

Virtual translators on our smartphones have in a way made it easier to communicate in those situations, but Timekettle focuses on products that specifically make it easy and hassle-free to communicate completely without language barriers.

What we have here are the Timekettle M2 earphones. You will notice that they come in a curious-looking case that splits in two. This is because, depending on how you choose to use the M2 earphones, you can share one of them with another person, making cross-language conversation that much easier.

See Timekettle M2 here

So how exactly can we use Timekettle M2?

  • Like normal earphones – enjoy music, answer phone calls, activate your phone’s voice assistant
  • Translate over the phone – one user speaks through the earphones, the other – through the paired phone
  • Continuous translation – leave your phone next to a loudspeaker and have their words translated regularly (eg for lectures)
  • Share earphones – users get one earphone each, talk into the earphones to send translated speech to the other partner
  • Learn a language – get a head start with some common phrases to make your trips easier

Timekettle takes translation to the next level using AI and an always-on online mode – you get access to 40 different languages ​​and 93 accents for fast and accurate translation. Don’t worry, if you can not ensure constant internet connection, you can also prepare for your journey by activating offline mode and downloading the basic language data you need. When it comes to simply enjoying your music, the Timekettle M2 Qualcomm uses aptX for enhanced Bluetooth sound so your earphones can still act as your daily drivers. The earphones can last for 6 hours alone, and up to 30 hours total usage time with the charging case.

To ensure comfort and fit, the Timekettle M2 is a non-ear design – just ordinary earphones. But those who prefer an in-ear fit can take a look at the Timekettle WT2.

The Learnywhere feature makes it easy to spice up some sentences no matter where you are – when you’re waiting at the airport, relaxing in college or just going on your daily commute, you can always have some time to learn.

See Timekettle M2 here

Timekettle M2 will cost you $ 129, but if you decide to get the online version (no offline translation), they go down to $ 99 instead. Check them out below and never be limited by language barriers again!


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