Tim Cook Explains Why Apple Launched the Self Service Repair Program

tim cook apple earnings call q2 2021

Last week, Apple celebrated the launch of a “brand new” version of The Grove Apple Store in Los Angeles. In an interview with KTLA’s Rich DeMuro at the event, CEO Tim Cook briefly touched on the company’s recent decision to give do-it-yourself enthusiasts access to genuine Apple parts, manuals and repair tools.

Starting next year, it will allow iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 customers to choose from 200+ parts to repair common battery, camera and screen issues. Later in 2022, Apple plans to add Macs to the list of self-repairing devices.

Cook said why Apple chose to launch the self-service repair program:

“Well, we realized that there were some people who wanted to do this and who are trained to do this. They are the crowd of Popular Mechanics, if you will, as I love and have been focused on my whole It feels good to put out the manuals and get the parts out there that allow people to do this, yet if you’re not comfortable doing that, we encourage you to come to the Apple Store and get it done for you. It’s still the best way for most people (sic). “

The Grove Apple Store first opened in 2002 and is now twice the size of its original size. Cook personally graced the store opening event along with the entire cast of the Apple TV + hit show Ted Lasso and called the evening “unforgettable”.

In his interview, Cook reiterated that the iPhone maker remains “very focused” on technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and autonomy.

“We’re very focused on augmented reality, we’re very focused on artificial intelligence … we’re very focused on autonomy, we’re very focused on all these things, which are core technologies, and we want to use them in a variety of ways. .

“Of course … Apple always wants something that is the next big thing. And luckily we have a lot of things that are the big things at the moment.”

You can watch Cook’s full interview below. But before you get started, let us know what you hope the Self Service Repair program will take shape to become.


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