Tile comes after the Apple AirTag with UWB-powered tracker, updated lineup

After Apple and Samsung entered the market for object trackers with their own Ultra-Wideband (UWB) enabled devices, Tile is now updating its best Bluetooth trackers with new features and a new product.

On Tuesday, the company announced the new Tile Ultra, its first product powered by both Bluetooth and UWB.

With the benefits of UWB, Tile provides more accurate tracking capabilities thanks to the new Point and Locate feature. Just like devices like the Apple AirTag or Samsung Galaxy SmartTag +, Point and Locate allows users to refine a lost object using the power of AR, and guide users to the device with visual cues.

Tile says it is working with Google to optimize Ultra-Wideband support on the best Android phones running Android 12. Tile Ultra will be the first UWB tracker to support both iOS and Android when launched in early 2022.

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Scan and Secure is another new feature coming to Tile trackers that will inform users if there is an unknown tracker nearby so users can avoid being tracked themselves. This will be available to anyone with the Tile app, though the company is working with experts on ways to expand the feature, which is smart considering it was a big point of contention for the Apple AirTag.

Finally, Tile introduces a new Lost and Found feature that lets non-Tile users help find items. With a QR code printed on the back of some of the latest Tile devices, non-Tile users can access the owner’s contact information to coordinate the safe return of the item.

These new features are launched along with Tile’s updated lineup of trackers. Apart from the UWB touting Tile Ultra, there is the new Tile Pro which has a new design and a range of 400 feet, the Tile Mate with an updated look and 3 years of battery life and the Tile Slim and Sticker with improved range. All new models are IP67 rated and have a higher volume and 250 ft of range, but no UWB.

The UWB-powered Tile Ultra will arrive early next year, while the Pro, Mate, Slim and Sticker are available starting today.

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