three coats that are part of your wardrobe and that are trendy

Isabel Diaz Ayuso He is on everyone’s lips and not only because of his political career. After knowing who is your partner current and receiving a surge of encouragement after suffering an abortion, the president of the Community of Madrid reawakens our interest. The reason? Autumn has arrived, the cold has settled into our daily lives and its coat collection that follow the trends of the moment inspire us to approach this new season.

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Isabel Díaz Ayuso has the coats that are trending this fall 2023

Trendy garments can be wardrobe staples, and we see it with this perfect selection to have on hand this fall 2023. With versatility above all, their proposals could inspire us in our daily lives.

Black down will never go out of style

Down jackets are a very versatile basic. Whether used as the main jacket or worn under the coat, this type of garment succeeds year after year. Yes a few days ago he showed us a long versionat the beginning of the year reminded us that there is nothing better than a black version to combat low temperatures.

Uniqlo is one of the most recurring brands when searching a simple, effective and ultralight design. Furthermore, its range of shades is infinite.

Yes (resounding) to leather jackets

The love for leather jackets is always present, this fall more than ever. As if it were our second skin, Isabel Díaz Ayuso opts for a body-hugging version in black. In the new Zara collection We found a very similar version but with lapel collar.

A bathrobe-like coat

Thick, bathrobe-style wool coats have been sweeping street style for several seasons, and it seems that their craze will not diminish this fall 2023. Beige, with classic lines and very elegant, this coat is capable of blending into any style. In addition to combining with everything, this garment shows that in winter we can opt for the most extreme simplicity and still not give up on the trends of the moment.

Which of these three options do you choose?

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