This cheap Apple Watch charging stand is the perfect Black Friday nightstand addition

This cheap Apple Watch charging stand is the perfect Black Friday nightstand addition

We’ve already seen a lot of amazing Black Friday Apple Watch deals. If you have already received a discounted upgrade, then what should you spend your savings on? Apple Watch accessories, of course!

A dedicated charging stand is a great place to start, as you will need to turn on your Apple Watch every day or two, and you can grab one from as little as $ 14 at Amazon for Black Friday. This 15% discount adjustable stand supports a variety of Apple Watch models, sizes and strap types, making it really easy to dock your device at your desk or nightstand.

This is the lowest we’ve ever seen this particular charging station go. It comes in a few different colors, though not everyone experiences significant savings today.

Find a dedicated Apple Watch charging stand while it’s on sale

Sixmas charging stand for Apple Watch | 15% discount

Turn on your Apple Watch overnight and get the most out of Bedside Mode with this handy charging stand. It can also be adjusted to fit different Apple Watch models and sizes.

$ 14.44 at Amazon

Unlike many Apple Watch chargers that stand out, this option from Sixmas includes a built-in magnetic charger. That means you do not have to use your existing Apple Watch charging cable, which gives you an extra to take with you on vacation. The charger stand is powered by a supplied Micro-USB cable, though you will need to provide your own wall outlet.

You can adjust the stand to get exactly the right fit for your Apple Watch model and size with the rotating knob on the back. Charging your watch on the side also means you can use Bedside Mode to turn your Apple Watch into an alarm clock.

The overall footprint of the Sixmas stand is small, which means it does not take up much space on your desk for the nightstand. It has a robust base with non-slip feet, so it also stays in place.

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