“They have the name of a sexually transmitted disease”

A group of followers of the South Korean music band BTS revolutionized Twitter/X following a unusual crossing: the fans They repudiated the current candidate to vice president of La Libertad Avanza, Victoria Villarruelby old derogatory tweets of her against from the k-pop group.

In these turbulent days for Argentine politics, with discussions and controversies of various kinds through social networks, a particular event also occurred that captured the attention of thousands.

The X account “BTS En ARGENTINA” -@BTSenARG-, which defines itself as a group of fans of the band, issued a statement in the last few hours: it ended up going viral.

The controversy on X/Twitter

“The message that BTS transmits is always one of respect for everyone and oneself. Therefore, the fanbases Argentinian We repudiate hateful and xenophobic sayings towards the image of BTS spoken by the candidate Victoria Villarruel”, this is how the text written by the fans began, who are popularly known as ARMY.

This week tweets resurfaced of the current national representative of Freedom Advances dating from February 2020. At that time, a user named Luciana said that BTS had “name of social work“. Immediately, Villarruel read the comment and wrote: “Or the name of a sexually transmitted disease“.

On the other hand, the Argentine politician and lawyer referred to the leader of the South Korean band: “Oh no… I don’t like pink Korean at all…”expressed Villarruel in 2020, in reference to the artist Kim Nam-joon, known artistically as RM.

Release.  The text of the BTS fan group.  Photo: capture.Release. The text of the BTS fan group. Photo: capture.

At that time, the vice presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza also received criticism for his words.

“Ha ha ha what I’m laughing with you. has no name. If she knew they were going to jump like that! for a Korean with pink hair I would have started sooner!!!”, she answered on that occasion.

This Tuesday, after his old tweets went viral, Villarruel he limited himself to answering the woman which started the debate in 2020 about the name of the South Korean band. “Luciana, sorry for this avalanche of notifications for talks funny twitter quotes from a thousand years ago“, he indicated in this regard, without referring directly to the issue.

Sayings.  The tweet from the La Libertad Avanza candidate.  Photo: capture.Sayings. The tweet from the La Libertad Avanza candidate. Photo: capture.

In the statement, the account @BTSenARG He continued with his defense. “We do not expect the corresponding apologies (NdR: from Villarruel), due to his recent responses. Given the current situation, we ask the Army to please report tweets that contain these reprehensible sayings. We ask not to fall and not respond to the provocations that these incite,” concluded the BTS ARMY.

As a result of this episode, there were politicians from other parties who They took the opportunity to join the controversy. Such is the case of the social leader Juan Graboisfrom Union for the Homeland.

You mess with BTS, you mess with me, evil lady. You don’t fuck with k-pop“said Grabois, referring to Villarruel. The politician’s tweet was described by many Internet usersopportunist“, given the current context of national elections.

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