The Under 17 World Cup draw: Argentina vs. Brazil in the quarterfinals, when is it played

The U17 World Cup being played in Indonesia will have a quarterfinal that is a classic of world soccer. Argentina, which beat Venezuela in the round of 16 (5-0) They will face Brazil, who left Ecuador behind (3-1). Two candidates head to head for a place in the semis. Here, the painting and more.

When is Argentina vs. played? Brazil for the Under 17 World Cup?

The duel between the team led by Diego Placente and the Brazilians will be this Friday, November 24, from 9 am in our country. It will be played at the Jakarta International Stadium.

The U17 World Cup draw

The U17 World Cup draw.The U17 World Cup draw.

Argentina 5 – Venezuela 0

Germany 3 – United States 2

Iran 1 (1) – Morocco 1 (4)

France vs. Senegal (play on 11/22)

England vs. Uzbekistan (play on 11/22)

Argentina vs. Brazil (11/24 at 9)

Spain vs. Germany (11/24 at 5:30)

Mali vs. Morocco (11/25 at 9am)

To define a crossing (11/25 at 5:30)

This is how Argentina reaches the quarterfinals

The National Team began the World Cup by losing to Senegal (2-1) in its debut, but that was just a setback to settle the shelf and become a serious candidate. On the second date of the group stage, Argentina beat Japan 3-1 and closed with a resounding 4-0 victory over Poland to win the zone and qualify as leader.

Argentina Venezuela (@Argentina)Argentina Venezuela (@Argentina)

In the round of 16, already head-to-head, they scored another resounding victory: 5-0 against Venezuela. The game was opened by a goal against Luis Balbo, Santi López scored the second and Diablito Echeverri made it 3-0 before halftime. In the ST, Agustín Ruberto took a penalty and also scored the fifth to become the top scorer of the tournament, with five goals.

This is how Brazil reaches the quarterfinals

The team led by Phelipe Leal started the World Cup asleep, losing 3-2 to Iran on the first day, but then they woke up and didn’t stop again. He nailed a 9-0 against New Caledonia and then beat England 2-1 in the match in which a place in the round of 16 was at stake.

Brazil vs.  Ecuador.Brazil vs. Ecuador.

Already in the head-to-head, Brazil had to face the complicated Ecuador, but they had no problems. Estevão made two and with another from Luigh, it was 3-1 to get into the top 8 of the World Cup. Kaua Elias is the team’s top scorer, with four.

This year they played in the Sudamericano Sub 17

Argentines and Brazilians met in this year’s South American tournament in Ecuador. They faced each other on the last date of the final hexagonal, with Brazil winning 3-2, in a very hard-fought match at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium, Quito. The goals for the National Team were from J. Giménez and Echeverri. Brazil was champion and Argentina finished third, behind Ecuador.

History of Argentina vs. Brazil in Under 17 World Cups

The South American classic was played twice in Under 17 World Cups, all in head-to-head matches. And Brazil celebrated in all of them: 3-0 in the 1995 semifinal and 2-0 in the 1997 quarterfinals.

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