The ultra agitator Vito Quiles, arrested in the protests against the amnesty in Ferraz

The National Police has arrested the far-right agitator Vito Quiles in the protests against the amnesty law that, for the eighteenth consecutive night, has brought together around a thousand people near the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz, where today no security fence has been installed and the street has been opened to traffic, something that had not happened until this Monday. According to the Government Delegation, the EDATV reporter has been arrested in the midst of the tumult over disobedience and attack against authority.

This Monday’s day of protests has been different from previous ones because the National Police has only limited itself to containing the protesters on the sidewalks to avoid traffic cuts since, as they have warned, the demonstration has not been notified to the Government Delegation and, therefore, they would avoid cutting off Ferraz to traffic.

Thus, a multitude of vehicles have been traveling along this road, some passing repeatedly, showing Spanish flags out of the windows and honking in support of the protesters. When the officers drew attention to the driver of a white Opel who was carrying a pre-constitutional flag on one side and the Third of Flanders flag on the other and who had already passed it about three times, the protesters defended him by shouting ” “This is Spain, not Venezuela.” Likewise, the attendees have called for the mobilization tomorrow each in their vehicles with the chant “Everyone to Ferraz tomorrow with the car” or “this year the grapes in Ferraz.”

At 7:30 p.m., a small group was already gathering on the steps of the Church on the corner of Marqués de Urquijo to pray the rosary. Around eight in the afternoon, hundreds of people were already gathering on the corners between Ferraz and Marqués de Urquijo with chants of ‘He’s not a president, he’s a criminal’ and numerous Spanish flags.

Revolt, the youth association of Vox that calls for these mobilizations, has criticized in a message in “.

Like every day, the protesters have remained concentrated, waving flags of Spain, and some of the EU and the thirds of Flanders, and have chanted the well-known chants of “Puigdemont to prison”, “This year the grapes in Ferraz” and the usual insults to the President of the Government.

Around 9:30 p.m., several Francoist flags were seen in addition to the chant of ‘face the sun’ and banners with the face of Javier Milei, winner of the Argentine elections. An hour later, the demonstration has been dispersing little by little without any altercations being reported.

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