The “two objectives” that Javier Milei maintains that he fulfilled in the debate with Sergio Massa

Javier Milei against Sergio Massa in the last presidential debate (EFE/ Luis Robayo - AFP -POOL)
Javier Milei against Sergio Massa in the last presidential debate (EFE/ Luis Robayo – AFP -POOL)

Although public opinion reflected that in the last presidential debate before the runoff Sergio Massa victory to Javier Mileythe La Libertad Avanza candidate was satisfied with his performance, considered that he “more than met” two objectives and denounced that his opponent resorted to the use of “dark tools” to make him uncomfortable.

“We are very happy with what happened in the debate. We went for two objectives and they were more than met,” highlighted the libertarian economist. The first of them had to do with “making sure that, in the face of the recurring attacks that we were going to suffer from Massa, we did not react, “not to lose the axis, not to get upset”. “The truth is that despite the enormous concatenation of attacks throughout the entire debate, at no time was he able to get me off track, at no time did I react, with which in that sense we have achieved the objective,” celebrated Milei who accused to the Minister of Economy to seek to show him as “a crazy person, an unbalanced person”, as someone who “cannot be in charge of the public service”.

In this context, he opined that since Massa could not “get him out of his mind,” the Unión por la Patria candidate “had to resort to truly obscure tools”. Milei described the topic of the internship at the Central Bank that the head of the Treasury Palace brought to the discussion as “a folderol.”

In fact, he acknowledged that his time at the BCRA was when he was in the fourth year of college and that they did not renew it, but that “there was no exam, neither psychotechnical, nor anything like that.” “I have worked in a lot of places in the private sector and to get into any job you have to take a psychotechnical test. Massa throughout his life worked for the state and the thread, with which he never made one,” he retorted to “the psychotechnician’s chicane”.

Once again, this Monday he again denounced “Massa’s coughers” who “the moment I gave the conclusions they started coughing.” “A childish behavior typical of mediocre people, of someone who has to cheat to try to harm others,” he reproached.

In statements to A24, he referred to the other objective in which he was considered “successful”: “Destroy each of the myths that had been built about our proposals.” Although, especially during the first stage of the debate, Milei was questioned by Massa, the La Libertad Avanza deputy assimilated him as an asset, since “he had to answer some questions due to the negative campaign they carried out” against him: “So In that context, many of the questions he asked were functional to what I had to do as a strategy.”

Milei and Macri met this Monday
Milei and Macri met this Monday

This Monday Milei and Macri met at the Hotel Libertador where they held a meeting to talk about “control issues,” the economist acknowledged. “We consider that the votes are there, we are in a position to prevail in the runoff, but clearly we need to make a great effort in terms of oversight,” he explained.

After his agreement with a sector of the PRO, Milei said that so far neither Macri nor Patricia Bullrich have complained to him about positions in a possible government of theirs: “They didn’t ask me for anything. They have had a truly admirable gesture of generosity and greatness. In politics I get tired of seeing miserable, low, filthy attitudes and from my point of view this It is a patriotic act”.

For Milei, the opposition sector represented by the former president and the former minister “became aware of the historic event” in which the country finds itself. In this context, if he wins the runoff, Macri is imagined as “a kind of representative” of Argentina to the world. He “has a lot to contribute,” but he does not necessarily have to fulfill “a government function.” However, she stressed that for him “it would be an honor” for Macri to represent the country internationally.

Asked about the location that Bullrich would have, Milei said that “those things are not defined.” And despite the agreement reached on electoral matters, she confirmed that moving towards the dollarization of the economy “is not a negotiable issue.”

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