The teased Material You redesign of Fitbit on Android appears to have been scrapped or delayed

Last fall, pictures appeared on Google Play Store of a planned redesign of the Fitbit app on Android. These screenshots showed the app taking on a Material You theme, in keeping with the current trend of Google apps using its preferred design language. However, it appears that these screenshots have now been removed, which raises the question of whether the redesign has been scrapped.
The app’s redesign included a bottom bar shaped like an arch, which was very distinct and undoubtedly original. This is in contrast to the solid bottom bar we see on the app now. In addition, other sections were rearranged in the app, such as the “Today” tab, which was moved from the first tab to the center of the screen, the word “Community” was moved to the right, and the word “Discover” was moved to the far left.
The currently active tab in the app would also have its icon filled in, but it didn’t look like there were plans to fit the fourth “Premium” tab that appears in the current app as pretty much just a placeholder to call the functions. But as noted by 9to5Google, those screenshots are now gone from the list and replaced with ones that match the design the app has now.

Current screenshots vs redesigned screenshots (via 9to5Google)

The removal of these images from the Play Store listing gives rise to speculation that this redesign may not be happening after all, or at least has been delayed, perhaps so that its launch coincides with the launch of a new generation of Fitbit – smart watches. Still, I was looking forward to a new look in the Fitbit app, as it’s starting to feel a bit dated and out of place with the rest of the Google apps.

Hopefully the lack of updates to the Fitbit app is not due Google’s latest layoffs that the company is also struggling with antitrust cases throughout the United States brought by the Department of Justice. Let’s hope the search giant’s recent troubles don’t affect its ability to continue to innovate and bring us useful features.

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