The South African Parliament votes to approve the closure of the Israeli embassy

The South African Parliament voted on Tuesday to close Israeli Embassy In Pretoria, there is a new decline in diplomatic relations between the two countries, within days.

The decision came with the approval of 248 members, while 91 others rejected it.

The decision comes until Israel complies with international legitimacy resolutions regarding Palestine.

The Foreign Ministry in Tel Aviv summoned its ambassador to… South Africa In the wake of the position adopted by the latter towards the killing of thousands of civilians.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that his country had submitted a complaint to the International Criminal Court in order to investigate “war crimes” committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

Ramaphosa said that his country believes that Israel is committing war crimes and genocide in the Gaza Strip, in which thousands of Palestinians were killed in addition to the destruction of hospitals and public infrastructure. Ramaphosa added: “We, along with many other countries, submitted this complaint against Israel to the International Criminal Court.”

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