The series “Zeinhom” enters the list of the most watched in the Watch It list

With the launch of its first episode, the Zeinhom series was able to enter the circle of the most watched works presented on the Watch It platform, where it occupied second place on this list.

The series is shown on a group of channels on On TV and the Watch It platform. The treatment, scenario and dialogue were prepared by Muhammad Suleiman and the scenario and dialogue workshop consisting of Muhammad Fathi Abdel Maqsoud, Amr Moamen and Omar Muhammad Al-Shahat. It is based on the novel “My Dead Friends, Thank You” by Dr. Muhammad Jaballah. The series is produced by Aroma. Studios – Tamer Mortada – in cooperation with the United Media Services Company. It is directed by Yahya Ismail and stars Ahmed Dawoud, Karim Kassem, Salma Abu Deif, Yara Gibran, Mohamed Abu Dawoud, Hanaa El Shorbagy, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Hisham Rashad, and a large number of stars.

It is noteworthy that the On channel and the Watch It electronic platform began showing episodes of the series “Decorate themStarring Ahmed Dawoud, the first episode witnessed a distinguished opening, bringing together “Zeinhom” Ahmed Dawoud and his mother, Hanaa El Shorbagy.

The events showed that “Zeinhom” Ahmed Dawoud lied to his mother that he worked as an autopsy doctor in a morgue, where he convinced her that he worked as an ear, nose and throat doctor, while the episode showed a murder, where Muhammad Shukri Suleiman reported the murder of his wife Nancy Abu Al-Khair, and Officer “Naji” began “Examination of the crime scene and embodied by Ahmed Al-Rafi’i.

Meanwhile, Karim Kassem appeared playing Dr. Jimmy, the son of Salwa Muhammad Ali and Imad Rashad, who wants to travel and work as a cardiologist. His brothers are doctors, but each of them has a pizza restaurant, but he was assigned to the Zeinhom morgue.

“Zeinhom” series, starring Ahmed Dawoud, Karim Qassem, Salma Abu Deif, Ahmed Al-Rafei, Muhammad Abu Dawoud, Yara Gibran, Imad Rashad, Hanaa Al-Shorbagy, Salwa Muhammad Ali, Angy Abu Al-Saud, Osama Abu Al-Atta, Hamdy Heikal, Basma Nabil, Noura Mahdi, Nesma Baha, written by Muhammad Suleiman Abdel Malek, and co-written by the script and dialogue by Muhammad Fathi Abdel Maqsoud, Amr Moamen, Omar Medhat El Shahat, directed by Yahya Ismail, and produced by Aroma Company by producer Tamer Mortada, sponsored by United Media Services.

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