The RFEF is already preparing immediate layoffs after the Oliva summit

Ehe general secretary of the RFEF Andrew Fieldsthe head of Integrity Miguel García Caba and the Marketing Director Ruben Rivera They could have their hours numbered in the Federation. These are those responsible for three of the departments directly indicated by the players. And it is an immediate response from the RFEF after the meeting between Víctor Francos and the players of the Spanish team.

In the statement that the soccer players made last Friday, the changes requested at the time were listed and that not all of them had occurred. “The restructuring of the women’s football organizational chart, the restructuring of the presidential cabinet and general secretary; the resignation of the president of the RFEF, the restructuring of the communication and marketing area and the restructuring of the integrity management”the soccer players pointed out, something for which Pedro Rocha had asked for time.

The current situation, with the players attending the concentration against their will and with the intervention of the Government, has caused the RFEF to get down to work and to already work on the dismissals of three of the people who, with names and surnames , the players asked.

Their departures would join those already accomplished by Rubiales and Jorge Vilda (along with the appointment of Elvira Andrés as chief of staff and Marisa González as head of Equality) and would be part of the ongoing negotiation to resolve the conflict.

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